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allow mods/admin to override PM block/full PM queue

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IPB has long had a PM block feature -- and for almost as long, an unofficial mod to allow admins/mods to override PM blocks/full PMboxes when needed (in v2.0.x).

I haven't tested it in 2.1.x, but since the code changes are relatively minor [yet involve an extra entry in the database] I'd very much like to see this override option "made official" [incorporated in the product], so it is always supported. IMHO: a PM block that allows *members* to overrride communications from *primary IPB customers* [board owners who buy/operate the software] lies in the gray area between feature and bug.

I mean, c'mon, ignoring PMs from the mods/admins can *only* make board management harder.

I do, however, like the way tha 2.0.x mod overrides on a per-message basis. Not everything a mod/admin says is the Voice of God. It'd just be nice to make sure they are heard when they are.

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