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suggestion: Make the portal viewable and fully functional off the forums again like it was in 2.0.4.

or can someone make a mod to do this?




Im not sure what you mean, but if you mean skin the portal like your site, you can do this by template modification. One thing I did notice is the member bar and other areas are included in the portal that shouldnt be. Check the tips forum for one of my posts on portal, and you should find a very simple addition to the portal file that removes member bar, etc... from the portal page.

The way the forum works is actually quite interesting. You may notice all links have "?" after index.php, even though there is nothing after "?". So you would have /index.php?. Well what I did was made it where if the directory or index.php file had "?" it would take you to the forum index, and if you accessed it directly (www.mysite.com/ or www.mysite.com/index.php instead of www.mysite.com/? or www.mysite.com/index.php?) it would take you to the portal. This completly removes the need to have your forum in a sub directory when you want your portal to be your index page for your domain. (note sure if that made sense).

To do that find this in index.php:

$ipsclass->input['act'] = 'idx';

and replace it with:

if($_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == '/index.php' || $_SERVER['REQUEST_URI'] == '/')
$ipsclass->input['act'] = 'home';
$ipsclass->input['act'] = 'idx';
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Ok, well here's a simple way of doing it:

Create an index.php file and put this in it:

$_GET['act'] = 'home';

Replace ### with the complete server path to your forum directory.

Then save it and put it in your main directory with your forum files in /forum/

If all goes well it should create the same effect. If it doesnt work (which im sure it should) I was going off of memory :whistle:

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Yeah that's why. Im not sure how it was solved in 2.0.4

You may not like it, but you could try what I posted above (the one with the $ipsclass->input['act'] = 'idx';). That way it keeps the files in the same directory.

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I want my portal at: sitename.com

and my forum at: sitename.com/forum

ipb 2.0.4 came with a script to allow that, however the latest release just redirects from sitename.com/ to the portal on the forum (sitename.com/?act=home).

I also posted about this on IZE:


This is how I had mine set up and I would really like to get it back to working this way if at all possible with the new version without having to hack up the script. Is this not going to be an option anymore?
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