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Password Request - Email

Guest StephenH

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Why not allow users to request their "lost password" by either entering their username (at it currently is), or their email address associated with the account.

I have had the issue on forums before, where I cannot remember my username, and they do not have the "enter your email address" for password recovery, and I am stuck.

I think this would be a useful feature myself...

Feedback appreciated.

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What I am stating, is that it requires your login name.

You cannot get your login name/password by entering your account's email address, which is the feature I am requesting/mentioning.

This would be more of a addon to the existing password recovery system.


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Well as far as the password matter is concerned, you can get it reset.

But yeah the ability to request your login ID (in case you forgot it) would be nice. Or resetting the password by using email address instead of log-in name would be nice.

Make it simple. Password reset would tell you the log-in name, just don't reset the password (unless you need to).


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I meant dummify it.

Hello MemberName, a request has been made for your login details to be emailed.

Member name: MemberName

Failed log in attempts since last known visit: 83

Times account has been locked for failed logins: 21

To reset your password use the following URL:


If you do not need to reset your password, then you do not need to do anything, it will remain unchanged.

If you did not request this information and feel that someone may be trying to hack your account, then please forward this email to the following email address:


OR please use the following link:


I think something along those lines would be nice. Person doesn't have to do anything really to report that someone is trying to hack their account.
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