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If this is at ALL possible, 1 teeny tiny new feature (for 2.1)..

For member groups, the ability to override moderation que, have "Off", "Override" and "Always moderate".

I believe this quote will say it all...


Edit: oh wait, I have the perfect picture



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In each group you can set a the members of that group to Bypass/Override moderator queing

This feature is to change it from that to this:
Moderation Queing

  • Off (or default or forum setting)
  • Override all
  • Moderate all posts
That way instead of the flag being to override or not, it would also allow to force moderation of all posts for members of that group.

Only reason I'm hoping he'll add it is that it seems like more and more people are wanting this one feature, to be able to force moderation on a specific group. I'm figuring that with his programming skills, it shouldn't take more than 10 minutes to pop it in there (over estimated time for him really). :)
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The original suggestion is for being able to flag a group as being forced into moderation. :)

Being able to disable someones ability to send/recv PM's (per member) I think is already being included.

* Correction, being able to disable somone's PM ability is already in there. (Per member that is)

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