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My staff has a forum called "Warning and Bannings". They make a topic whenever they warn a member so that the staff can keep track of what warnings have been issued and to discuss if furthur action should be taken.

Whenever an action is taken in the warn panel, I would like to see a topic in a specified forum with an initial post describing the action taken and any aubsequent data regarding the warning/mod-queue/ban.

Now, I understand that no one would want a topic for each action, so a topic could be created for each member for the first action, and then a reply made automatically (by the member taking action). In each auto-post, an update of the member's stats regarding the warning level and ban/mod queue status and a link to the member's profile should all be included.

An option to exclude warning level decreases from auto-post would be a handy feature.

I know not everyone would need this, so the ability to turn it on and off would be essential.

Any takers?


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