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Improving Membership!

Guest cam drysdale

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Okay on websites such as MSN.com you have what is known as a Microsoft .Net Passport that allows you to sign in on any website that is connected to this service. Members have a whole load of features at their disposal and can setup detailed profiles and display photos, and have unique Nicknames.

On IPB the same system can be ALMOST be implemented, say a company/website wanted to setup such a service for customers, you set up the converge for email sign in, and then have their username as a kinda nickname, and the pho is a bit hidden. I think it'd be better if the whole member system was a lot more like MSN's in terms of the layout of membership profile pages, promoting the photo feature more, allowing the email converge to be more stable so that members can really use their username as a nickname that can be chnaged at will (something that would normally require an admin to do) also better security of member details such as people can easily spam a board, then get banned etc, but using software such as ProxyWay they can change their IP address, and setting up a new email at hotmail aint exactly hard, so basically its almost impossible to prevent multiple accounts and spammers. wouldn't it be nice if members had to prove their identity similar to coppa, but for all members not just under age people!

Perhaps by being able to add extra fields of information such as addresses etc!
But problem is this would become apart of their public profile and raise issues, it might be an idea to allow tow diff profiles, one for members to browse and one for companies to use. The current custom profile setup is bad as it only allows you to add on and wont let you edit the default ones, plus the new ones are all added to the ADDITIONAL info bit even if they are most likely to be more important than the main info.

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