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E-Mail Address = Log In Name

Guest .John.

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To keep things easy with the use of 2.1's Display Name function, I'd like to have everyone login using their e-mail address (setting used in "Converge Setup") - but the problem is they still technically have to have a log in name.

So I'd like to see the option (whether it be in Converge Setup, or wherever) - to remove the "Enter your Log In Username here:" and just have the registration form make the e-mail address as the official Username - still leaving them to chose the display name.

Hopefully this makes sense, if not - let me know and I'll try to clarify.

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In v2.0.x and in v2.1.x

AdminCP -> General Settings -> Converge Setup -> "Log in with user name or email address?"

Already there dude. Also, could you look around some more before making topics? If I recall correctly, you've made at least 3 or more topics for things that are already taken care of.. There's this one (request for a feature already there), bug report about the rebuilding of posts (already had been reported/fixed and even listed as one of the fixes for Beta4), and then the bug report about the licenses section not working (also already reported and flagged as not being a bug since that section isn't done yet).

To add insult to injury (or in better terms, to make the point even stronger), the following 2 quotes show that you already found this feature (that you are asking for) -and- that the bug you found in it had already been reported and fixed. (Not to sound harsh, just that you seem like you're on autopilot without a working navigation system).

When changing the Converge Set-Up to login using E-Mail Address, when logging in I get the following error:

Sorry, we could not find a member using those log in details.

And, yes - I'm typing in the correct e-mail address and password.

When changing it back to Username, I can log-in using my username perfectly fine.

This bug is already fixed:

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Im posting here because its a shame to see people being attacked for no reason.

Although thats good advice, perhaps reading and understanding other peoples posts before flaming them might be something to think about in future.

No hard feelings though so don't take it in a bad way :)

First line: Wasn't "no reason", but also wasn't an attack. The examples I listed are just immediate ones that I knew of, not from a more prolonged search.

Second line: Wasn't flaming him. After all, what good would flaming someone do? It certainly won't promote good will and spirits on the forums. It was an observation for consideration. There are some on here who, after reaching a certain point, would just flat out tell him the same thing but in a very blunt and therefore very unpleasant manner.

Third line: No hard feelings taken. As I said, good will and spirits. :)

As for his request.. The asking of a log-in name is sort of a necessary evil.
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Someone might want a funky login name (or what if the display allows something that the login wouldn't). Lots of things to consider. :)

Personally I think there should be the third option to allow someone to log in via login name -or- email address (members choice). So if they forget their login name, or if it won't work for some odd reason, then they can still get in without contacting the admin.

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He wasn't asking if the feature existed or where it was, he was pointing out that if converge login is set to email it shouldn't be asking for a log-in name as well.

Thank you for your help, and understanding.

This is exactly correct.
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Ok here we go again.

Its 2.1 Beta 4 and we still have the registration page asking for a "desired log in username" even though Converge is set to e-mail login.

Please please please can this be changed because it makes no sense!

p.s If this does get read by a a member of IPS staff...

Id like to suggest that the converge email login also applies to the ACP.

Its extra security if no-one knows which email you use (you could even make your own one like 73ge63gs6d7@yourdomain.com, it would be like having two passwords to log in)...

Plus it makes sense to have the same login anyway.

Just some thoughts, you know it makes sense Rodney :)

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