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A few suggestions for 2.1.

Guest Quillz

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After reading up a bit on IPB 2.1, I thought I would put in my own two cents with just a few "suggestions" that I think could benefit IPB...

The ability to color usernames in posts.
vB has it, so why can't IPB? IMO, this is a useful feature for quickly being able to distinguish registered users from management. And seeing as IPB already allows for colored usernames in the Users Online table, it would be a nice complement to have it in the posts, as well.

The ability to move the mini-profile around.
I'm sure this can be done through source code modification, but I thought this would be a "neat" feature in the Admin CP. When in the Skin Manager, under General Settings, say, it could be decided where the mini-profile would appear; the left side [by default], the top [like on vB] or on the right. Not the most useful feature, I know, but it would be somewhat creative.

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