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  1. I believe he means this
  2. Because we are waiting on the new release. You should have seen my site was taken 250MB from the ram, and normally 70MB before the update. Now after this patch back same range 68MB, and the site seems back to how it was with 4.5 version.
  3. I know. Also, I don't know if you had issues with it before, but me and @The Old Man notice some issues. I disabled it because IPS staff are working on huge amount of bugs, yet they released this patch. I decided to enable it back after this patch, and I noticed that it's working fine again.
  4. After recent patch I have noticed improvement using Redis because before that the site was like it's not been cached at all and very slow.
  5. Hopefully it won't take another 10 days.
  6. Any update on this my friend?
  7. @Matt any word on this suggestion because it will help members not to be mislead, and they only see this whenever they don't have permission.
  8. Afrodude

    Group Mention

    Marketplace had an issue, and you should report your pending file to IPS staff in order to remove it to reupload it again.
  9. Yes. IPS 4.6 supporting PHP 8, but be careful from third-party plugins or applications because some of them might have issues will lead to error HTTP 500. If you do have this issue, you must report it to the third-party developer.
  10. This issue happened to me while I am editing one of my post here on IPS forums. I tried to edit the post again, and the issue didn't occur unlike on my forum. I am trying to edit the same post, and always same error message.
  11. What about the ACP have you tried to test on uploading WebP as a logo for example? If yes, did it gave you same error ?
  12. @DawPi can you message IPS staff about it because it has been a week, and the file still pending!!!
  13. Pages CMS missing an option that I believe everyone is using, and it's "Custom No Permission Error" like in forums setting. This option must have on database and categories separately. Please guys consider adding it.
  14. It's best to submit a ticket in order to fix this issue with next release otherwise you would wait another 3 weeks.
  15. Serve static assets with an efficient cache policy 4 resources found 2 of them are WebP logos. https://web.dev/uses-long-cache-ttl/?utm_source=lighthouse&utm_medium=unknown
  16. Nothing is strange with IPS.
  17. @DawPi your file was removed, and Marketplace file back to old plugin version. Which I have mentioned above about this behavior from marketplace.
  18. It's fine some wired stuff happen with IPS, and it's not going to be the last time.
  19. @The Old Man have you opened a ticket with IPS staff about it yet?
  20. Adding buttons still works fine here, and nothing has gone without pressing on the restore default configuration. IPS
  21. @sadams101 if you are using the default theme just create a new one instead editing the old one. ACP > Themes > Press the one green button "+ Create New" > Then pick "Manual Mode". Now give the theme a name , add a logo etc.. edit what you like and save.
  22. Afrodude

    Group Mention

    It's alright this is IPS we used to that timing. 🙃
  23. There is something not right with Marketplace many devs have updated new versions, yet it shows on Marketplace the old one. In ACP it says there is an new version.
  24. In this case then we are running into another issue.
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