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  1. I'll go take a look thank you for the info.
  2. Sorry for the LONG time later response. So much going on thank you for the advice!.
  3. I am unsure where to post this question (or even if it will get seen) I apologize if this is the wrong place. Is anyone aware of a good "badges" system that can be very customized with lots of different large/small badges rather than just the built-in system? Ideally I'd like to be able to configure automatic badges and also badges based on donations and such. What I'm thinking is this sort of badge / 'micro badge' system that looks like this on boardgamegeek : Thank you for your time and any advice in advance.
  4. Hello, Is there a bulk way... maybe there is a setting I just can't find or maybe it will take an SQL query... To remove all member notifications. So there are just zero for mainly existing but also future users? Then, I'd like to set it so that only Quotes, Tags, Reactions and replies to topics members started to generate a notification. how can I go about doing this? IPB 4.3.4 Thank you very much in advance. ?
  5. Really shouldn't be "apps" in our picks that haven't been updated since 2016
  6. @Nathan Explosion Thanks a ton! That's what I was looking for. Really appreciated. I think people, in general, don't appreciate the help they get from here. I have a problem though when I run that it returns this: #1146 - Table 'detroitg_ipb.core_members' doesn't exist I have a standard install, I've not customized it hardly at all and definitely not the database. Did they change the name of it or some such? I obviously do have users so they must be stored somewhere. I've been watching more / reading more, but it's not helping this situation. Any ideas? Why is it saying that doesn't exist? Its supposed to exist right? Is that list just "standard table names" or something? Somehow mine is different? I went through every single item listed on the far left of that picture, and there is nothing about user data specifically in any of them as far as my poking around can tell.
  7. The language is fine. I have many relatives that live in Croatia / Russia / Germany and I have to find out what they mean because of the english. So I understand it better than most Americans would. I'm still trying to figure out what to do. *bangs head on keyboard*
  8. Well, I found it. But I'm not sure what to do from here, how to export the member name and email?
  9. @Upgradeovec I am really just trying to export the member name and member email to a .csv (or txt) file. I'm not trying to change anything. I'm not trying to edit or update any member info, just see it and copy it to an export file. Which sounds simple to me, but I've been trying to do it for hours and can't seem to figure it out. I just noticed I was wrong, I don't see core_Members anywhere, the last folder is ibf_core_hooks and nothing below that, so it stops at the letter h (hooks) and there is no entry with just "core_members" that I can find via the search tool.
  10. I have MyPHP admin / MySQL as the language (as I understand it that's what they are called I'm a total noob here, but I have been reading/ watching videos to try and grasp this more) Core_Members seems to only have 600 entries, and the board has 55,000 members? What might I be missing? But then even when I find this (something is wrong) table it seems to be way too small? @evandixon @Upgradeovec THANK YOU for taking the time to respond.
  11. I'm running IPB 4.2.6. My board is connected with several other online resources. When users signup for my board is a typical reason is that they came from one of my other ventures (mostly e-commerce opt-in type things). I'd like to integrate all of my other users together with my board users at least for my email updates and such, which I can't do. (I use a thing called Klaviyo to manage newsletter updates and such which as far as I know doesn't integrate with IPB so I have most of my users in one place and then the rest in another and its a pain in the rear now after years of the user base gets larger and larger). What table holds the Member info (really just need the name and the email address)? What command would I use to pull that out in a useable format? (text, CSV whatever) I'm not sure if this is a hard question or an easy question (guessing its easy for someone that knows their stuff, which I do not.) Regardless I'd really appreciate some help. I've googled this and watched videos and I'm still not any closer to being able to do this myself, although I at least have some clue about SQL and how it works and very basics of how to use it, no idea how to do the above. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated. Thanks in advance.
  12. This is an old topic but the same subject. Really would be nice to see this built - in. People expect this nowadays. One of the many reasons people use say FB instead of message boards, even though when the exodus from boards to "big social media" started It wasn't doe BECAUSE of that, its just one thing people now, expect. They also expect awesome mobile device versions of websites, since most people use mobile devices to access them it just makes sense.
  13. This has survived through multiple skin updates and board upgrades for years. Any help would be appreciated. I put in a ticket but after some back and forth the final answer was something like "unsupported". Here is the actual website link if for some reason that is some now non-existant element or some such: http://www.detroitgothic.net/index.php?/forum/5-nightlife-events-amp-concerts/ thanks a ton in advance.
  14. Thanks man. .. please tell me you didn't know that by heart. lol
  15. Im just trying to change that part of the site to be black... cant for the life of me figure out what its called. Also I remember WAY back in the day someone showed me an app for your browser (or something) that would label the elements for you. (im using chrome if it matters)
  16. Its not great but as the guy above says its "reasonable". Many places let you slide for a month or more on top of whatever the fine print says. Its "mediocre" is the word I'd use.
  17. Wow that's depressing. Lol I mean that it doesn't exist. Has ipb become less popular than it used to be?
  18. Thanks for the input! Toour bad that mod itself seems to have no comments. *clicks*
  19. Whatever it is that sends the "on-board popup messages could just funnel that same message through some other more standard (and intrusive) means so it would pop up on the mobile phone. Kind of surprised no such thing already exists, or if it does I can't find it.
  20. Anyone have any suggestions for a good badge system? I'd like it to be fairly extensive but have never used one right now I have a NIGHTMARE of different groups to mix & match different user titles and such thanks for your time in advance, -Troy
  21. Is there a way or a mod that will say, notify via SMS or FB messenger that someone has a new message or was quoted or some such? I've actually had more than one user ask for this surprisingly. Seeing as how at least on my board basicly everyone is on FB to begin with and just "dabbles" on the forums from time to time when one to many cat pictures shows up in their feed. lol
  22. It doesn't really matter that it is specifically Facebook but that cocoon & comment type social-networking system is not what a "forum" should be, or at least I don't think many of us started forums with that mentality nor will IPB win any battle with that type of service. I'm all for cherry picking good ideas and adding them if they work with the forum concept or lead to enhancing it. Login with your Facebook / twitter info? Sure why not , just makes it easier to login. Allow easier integration with the social networks to "advertize" your forum? Sure why not? But morphing the whole thing into a cocoon type system is , while perhaps "popular" missing the forum discussion concept. I agree with you on the specific point your making here, but forum software is not social networking software per se. Its a different market/idea. I do not get the impression from the way the "forum' software is morphing INTO a facebook-like entity, not just "taking some really good / desired" features and integrating them, which at least for many of us is what we want "a discussion forum" not a "Miniature facebook system". First half of this quote covers it although I wouldn't quite go as far as to say Facebook-type discussions and forum-type discussions are mutually exclusive (they do share some similarities) but they are very different and "diluting" the forum concept by slowly morphing it into a poor-excuse for Facebook is not the way to go. To restate: taking some "good features" that lend to easier promotion / facilitation of forum-style open discussions from facebook and other such places? Absolutely. Try to turn forums INTO such entities is the bad move.
  23. Wow, you mean it doesn't work that way already? Yikes. And I wasn't happy with "just accepting" being good enough (I want it to be tied to them actually POSTING say 50 posts before they count.) otherwise 1. your "counting" no one really. 2. the system can easily be abused.
  24. Really would like to buy this mod, but my long-time custom (bad) system has to continue, my home made system is crappy but has the key feature I need , as people just "signing on" doesnt mean anything to me, they need to be "counted" only when they post a significant (say 50) amount of posts. Really wish this mod had that feature would be much better for me to use this, but if i install this mod I'd have to use BOTH systems, which would make it too much of a headache. =(
  25. Just installed. Seems to work good. Very nice. =) Is there a way to put a small space between the icons like 1-2 pixels?
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