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  1. @Fosters I'm still getting this while trying to see in the Moderator section.
  2. It wont let me update it...Says I have to pay for it again?
  3. I don't see an update for it? KIDDING FOUND IT
  4. @Fosters ^ Can you help me with the abovee
  5. When trying to save my applications, I get this error then when I try and see applictions in the Moderator CP it gives this
  6. this is when I go see the applications tab in the moderator cp and getting this when trying to send a submission to a topic
  7. I have to pay again for this for the update?
  8. Currently when members post things on my website, they can't see what they posted via their profile. How do I fix this?
  9. Have you ever been able to find out the first issue??
  10. Hello. My applications keep getting deleted. Anyone know how to fix
  11. Every time someone puts in a new submission, it gets auto deleted. Help
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