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  1. little confused...on the developer page, says you are available...but your profile says you are not.
    Take it I should go by profile?

    1. Sonya*


      I am not available due Corona circus in our country and missing kindergarten now till September 😡

    2. David Stringer

      David Stringer

      How does that prevent you from working if you are talking though?

    3. David Stringer

      David Stringer

      my guess would be little children being too disruptive...

  2. Is there any nativity in the core product, or does anybody have a plug-in for me to be able to keep track of bought/sold for each member within my community? If not...what third party systems would you recommend to use in conjunction with invisioncommunity or wordpress? Perhaps I just missed where I could find all this out, if so...I apologize...but having said that...any & all help in this regard is greatly appreciated. Thanks
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