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  1. Thanks, the examples look good. I just have to make sure that only the relevant options are shown in the filter. Makes no sense to show subcategories of all main category. First I thought that I can create a widget with deeplinks to categories with filters, but seems like it's not possible due to the csrf protection. Any change to bypass it?
  2. Thanks for the fast reply @opentype It's important for our application that the sub entries are shown, we have only a few entries for every (main) category and it would be not user friendly to let someone click through every sub category. If there is no easy way to change it, is it maybe possible to use only the main categories and implement sub categories as a filter? Anyway, if it's not intended that the sub entries are shown, the table header should not say that there are 3 entries. Looks like a bug, doesn't it?
  3. Hello, I set up a new database having a main category and one sub category. I created 3 entries, all are inside the sub category (Webentwicklung). Record listing is activated for all categories. When I select the main category the listing header says that there are 3 entries in the category ("3 Experten in dieser Kategorie"), but no items show up. Is this a bug? Either the listing header should say "0 entries" or list all entries including sub categories. How can I manage it to see all entries including sub categories? (I tested version 4.3.6 & 4.4.4.)
  4. Hello, we are using the incoming email feature of commerces support. For historical reasons our support address has dozen of aliases. We experienced that emails sent to addresses not associated with a department are not processed but deleted without notice. Would be really great if you could implement a catch-all option or fallback department for addresses that are not associated. At least emails should not be deleted by the system if they are not processed.
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