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  1. Hey! I just purchased this plugin and it's telling me the file isn't available for download.
  2. Thanks, I hope you implement it, it's a really crucial feature because most people are lazy to write a review so they just use the stars rating system.
  3. So is there no way to allow stars rating without writing a review? Can you include that in the future please?
  4. Hello, I ran into another issue. I am not able to rate videos without writing a review. The 5 stars are there but I can't press them. I made sure that all rating options are allowed.
  5. Hello, really interested in this but is there any chance you can add PSN, XBOX Live, and Origin ones? For example PSN: https://psnprofiles.com/AudayElyafe
  6. Turned out it was the only thing restricted to all the admins except the main accounts. Fixed and it''s all good now. Thanks so much!
  7. Thanks. It works from the main admin account. Does this tool not allow other admins to use it?
  8. Hey when I install the application the AdminCP doesn't update to give me the ability to add it to the forum. Under applications it appears as enabled but nothing else shows up outside of that. Could you provide any assistance if possible? I downloaded it and extracted the tar file and installed but for some reason it's not showing up.
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