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  1. @TSPI know you mention here that you haven't had time to update/test on 4.5, is there any updates on this matter? Your plugin is a core feature in our community and would appreciate an update for this. Currently the plugin works on 4.5 for us but what is broken is the ability to see who the anonymous poster is (even if you are an Admin with full permissions you don't have access to the button to see who the true poster is).
  2. @SoftwareFactory Hello I was hoping you can help me with an issue. I've already created a bot and setup the discord bot credentials on the Admin CP (on the Brilliant Discord Configuration page), but every time I try to login into the forums with the discord login feature I get this error. As you can see I've already done the configuration with no issues for Brilliant Discord. Also of course I have invited the bot to our discord server as well if that matters.
  3. This is honestly just a joke at this point, developer charges out the ass for this and goes completely dark, only to return with false promises and disappear again. Dev clearly doesn't care at all about this and as far as I'm concerned is stealing peoples money at this point. I understand people have other obligations and things to deal with but if this is unable to be worked on then it needs to be shut down or made free. Enough of this nonsense. I sent Ahmad a private message for support on March 15th 2018 for support on an issue with the bot when the "Owner" syncs themselves to the discord integration basically everything breaks. This has been mentioned on this thread and since then users have found workarounds to this problem. I got a reply on August 26th asking if I was "still experiencing this issue". At that point the plugin wasn't even supported for 4.3 making his incredibly late support response irrelevant and useless. I obviously moved on at that point. Jacking the price up to 60 dollars with a 30 dollar renew price to "cut down on support requests" is ridiculous if you don't support anyone anyways. I strongly recommend people look elsewhere as there are other plugins for this purpose that are significantly cheaper and that aren't run by crooks. A site admin should look into this so other people don't get scammed. I don't care how busy you are it's not hard to update a thread on a website so everyone isn't left in the dark. TLDR: Stay far away from this plugin and I'm looking for a refund.
    Had trouble while on Invision 4.3.1 but once I upgraded to 4.3.3 the Discord Login Handler worked smoother than butter! Please keep this application updated as it is one of the only discord applications for Invision that's properly maintained so far.
  4. Could somebody here assist with an issue i'm having? Seems to be the same problem others were having with trying to sync the discord owner with IPS. I just don't know how to resolve it and I haven't got a reply from the developer in over two weeks.
  5. It seems as if there is some kind of forced boarder around the custom block so when I add an HTML discord widget it doesn't take up the full space of the block. Is there any way I can fix this?
  6. A configuration or server error has occurred 2V101/A IPS\convert\_Library::process: Out of range value for column 'votes' at row 1 I get this error when attempting to convert Topics. Does anyone know what this means?
  7. If I'm running this on a VPS what should the sql_host and base_url be set to? Both of them set to
  8. doesn't look like website is reachable from outside of my server... I believe i messed up and set the hostname up as localhost in the ip board installation... Now I can't find where to change it. typing the IP or domain into the browser just says that the "localhost" file cannot be found.
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