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  1. Thank you for your reply, I actually just fixed it by saving the invoice first and then marking it as paid. <?php require $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/community/init.php'; \IPS\Session\Front::i(); $member = \IPS\Member::loggedIn(); $package = \IPS\nexus\Package::load( 26 ); $invoice = new \IPS\nexus\Invoice; $invoice->member = \IPS\Member::load( $member->member_id ); $invoice->currency = "USD"; $invoice->title = $package->title; $invoice->total = $package->price(); $item = $package->createItemForCart( $package->price() ); $invoice->addItem( $item ); $invoice->save(); $invoice->markPaid(); ?>
  2. I am trying to create an Invoice with a Regular Product Purchase (No Renewal, Lifetime Purchase, No Shipping Required) when someone calls an external php script however, it is failing due to My Script require $_SERVER['DOCUMENT_ROOT'] . '/community/init.php'; \IPS\Session\Front::i(); $member = \IPS\Member::loggedIn(); $package = \IPS\nexus\Package::load( 26 ); $invoice = new \IPS\nexus\Invoice; $invoice->member = \IPS\Member::load( $member->member_id ); $invoice->currency = "USD"; $invoice->title = $package->title; $invoice->total = $package->price(); $item = $package->createItemForCart( $package->price() ); $invoice->addItem( $item ); $invoice->markPaid(); $invoice->save();
  3. Have any clue what code I have to change to fix it? I could go hunting for it too, it just seems unusual.
  4. I'm trying to write a Notifications API since the current Rest API returns older notifications first. When writing my API, it returns invalid titles and member groups however it is returning the correct object. try { $row = \IPS\Notification\Inline::constructFromData( \IPS\Db::i()->select( '*', 'core_notifications', 'member=' . $_GET['member_id'] . ' AND read_time IS NULL' )->first() ); } catch( \UnderflowException $e ) { // error handling here - unable to find transaction } try { if (method_exists( $row, 'getData' ) ) { $ourData = $row->getData(); print_r($ourData); } else { $ourData = array(); } } catch( \LogicException $e ) { $ourData = array(); }
  5. IPS\brilliantdiscord\RateLimit\RateLimitedException::0 #0 /var/www/html/community/init.php(820) : eval()'d code(57): IPS\brilliantdiscord\_RateLimit::limitHandle('guilds/{guild.i...', '632299403591548...', Object(Closure)) #1 /var/www/html/community/system/Theme/Theme.php(847) : eval()'d code(150): IPS\brilliantdiscord_hook_member->discordMember() #2 /var/www/html/community/system/Theme/SandboxedTemplate.php(61): IPS\Theme\class_brilliantdiscord_front_invites->accept(Object(IPS\brilliantdiscord\Invite), Object(IPS\Http\Url\Friendly), Object(IPS\brilliantdiscord\LoginHandler), Array, Object(IPS\Http\Url\Friendly), Object(IPS\Http\Url\Friendly), false, false) #3 /var/www/html/community/applications/brilliantdiscord/modules/front/xinvites/invite.php(73): IPS\Theme\_SandboxedTemplate->__call('accept', Array) #4 /var/www/html/community/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(96): IPS\brilliantdiscord\modules\front\xinvites\_invite->manage() #5 /var/www/html/community/applications/brilliantdiscord/modules/front/xinvites/invite.php(47): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #6 /var/www/html/community/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\brilliantdiscord\modules\front\xinvites\_invite->execute() #7 /var/www/html/community/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #8 {main}
  6. I want to show notifications in a Desktop Application I built, is there anyway I can get the text that is parsed for the Notification Tab. Example: Member1 mentioned you in a topic: Invite Only Stuff I can get notification data from the IPS API and by querying the database, how do I parse the notification data to get User Friendly text? GET https://website.cm/community/api/core/members/{id}/notifications
  7. I have your Duplicate Logger Application, I noticed this today. LinoyR shows an alt called Linoy Linoy shows an alt called LinoyR Anyway to change this? Duplicates like this will fill the table up quickly and make it harder to sort through new duplicates and this is annoying. Linoy
  8. Why does IPS handle Stripe Chargebacks but they don't have any built in handlers to handle PayPal Chargebacks?
  9. It's on the same domain but not built into IPS, Ref only works for Links/URLs that are Internal to IPS.
  10. I edited my original post, I might have not been clear what I needed.
  11. I have a Dynamic Link that handles Login Information between my Website and Desktop Software which DON'T use the typical IPS API/Tokens. If the User isn't logged in, I redirect to the login page for them to login but my problem is, I then need to redirect back to this Uniquely Generated Link once they're logged in but I am not sure how to have IPS redirect me back to an external link after the login.
  12. Anyone found any applications with this ability? If not, gonna start making my own soon.
  13. +1 on managing invoices. It'd be nice to create an invoice from the API, have a paypal url returned or a post request to pass credit card details under SSL to complete purchases off site.
  14. I want to use my Forum Login System to allow my Desktop App to login with Forum Logins. This way users Register on my Forum, Download my App, Login to my App with their Forum Username/Email and Password and they automatically get logged in. I looked and looked for a current up to date method but I cant find any code to do what I need, anyone provide resources or details so I can do this?
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