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  1. Totally fine with that. Do you know which file it is in the backend?
  2. The albums display isn't particularly attractive or enticing to visitors. We'd like to move it below the images area, but I do not see a way to easily do that. Any insights?
  3. Completely agree... we have this issue and fixing it would prevent a lot of duplicate uploads. We need to be able to display an image in multiple applicable galleries.
  4. Adding this to our custom css worked for us: .cGalleryPatchwork_item .ipsPhotoPanel { visibility: hidden; } .cGalleryPatchwork_item:hover .ipsPhotoPanel.ipsPhotoPanel_mini { visibility: visible; } HTH!
  5. I don't @jim@1trickpony.com meant the post preview you're referring to, @gabs007. I think he means this "Preview this Topic" function. We're looking for it, too. Does anyone know where you set that up? Each topic has a down arrow you can click to preview the posts, mark the topic as read, etc.
  6. How unfortunate, but I do understand. I was hoping to apply a different tag to each entire gallery category --- exactly like the mass-add tool works for each forum category.
  7. We recently purchased Advanced Tags & Prefixes and we're loving it so far! However, we really need to bulk add tags to gallery images. I thought we could do that with this tool, but the mass-add tool is only for forums. Is there a way to mass-add to gallery images?
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