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    Set up was super fast and straight forward, added the web hook like it says in the description here on this page. Haven't had any issues!
    Works great, no issues with the install or usage. I have a pages heavy site with around 20 separate databases and each one consisting of thousands and thousands of records. We have a lot of content already but I was curious about trending searches and what people were searching for over all. Plus I wanted to find things people were searching for that we did not have in our databases already so we could work on adding the content. It has been a great help already so far, and I have not had it that long yet!
  1. Hi, Is there a way I can hook into a files download count inside of a IP Content / Pages template. Maybe by ID or something? I looked at how the download count is pulled in the actual Downloads application but I am not sure how to reference it from a IP Content / Pages template or template field. Does anyone know how, or can someone show me some example code? I am wanting to show the download counter directly in the template, not link to the download page.
  2. Hi, The only thing this is missing for me is the ability to create collections. Categories are great for organizing them into genre's but it would also be great to be able to put the comics into Collections. When viewing a comic it could show some where on the page that it is part of a collection, if you click on the collection name it would show all the other comics in it. An easy way to group a comic series together. A group of issues, etc.
  3. Hi, I noticed if the file is using a non-common or custom extension for the upload field it will not append the correct file ending on the end anymore. For instance when you do a .mp3 file it will be like: hereismyfile.mp3.234324534565436.mp3 IPB seems to always add a hash, and then append the file ending again. However when using a custom or non common file ending it will not append it back to the end so then your left with a random hash as the file TYPE. hereismyfile.custom.234234234234 And it leaves it like that, therefore breaking the file and requiring a manual rename of the file by the end user. Is there any way around this..?
    Well, i didn't know i needed this until i had it. This works great, and is really neat to see search results come up as you type. Some times it can be a little quirky though, for instance if I type "Mega man" it won't show mega man results, but if i type "Mega Ma" or "Mega M" it will, not sure why. But its not a big deal since you can see it as you type just either keep typing or back space one letter. My only request would be: An option to show Author Names in the search results, sometimes we have similar titles in record (pages) submissions and it would be great to see the author/submitter of the record to help differentiate.
  4. hi @newbie LAC does this work for attachments set up in the Pages add-on? Or only for the forum area? Because in Pages you can mark a field to be for uploads.
  5. Hmm, i will look further into it then. Thanks
  6. Doesn't seem to work on the latest update? I am getting a error when trying to view a individual user in the admin cp. Once disabled i can view the user again.
  7. Thanks so much for this, and for posting your answer. This helped me!
  8. It says the template is outdated when i loaded it.
  9. @Makoto Does this work in pages as well?
  10. Makoto is very helpful, and easy to work with! I sent out requests to six different developers here in the provider directory and only Makoto answered in a timely manner, Four didn't answer at all, and one answered quite a bit later but i was already working with Makoto so it didn't matter. Makoto was patient with me, and allowed me to respond on my own time. We are a company, and in the middle of several larger IT projects and some business projects so i was not always available to respond right away but Makoto never "jumped my case" about it, and always waited patiently. I bring this up, because in the past we have had a developer jump on to us and get some what angry for not responding "quick enough", this was before the provider directory existed however. Very easy to work with, quick and prompt, the application worked flawlessly the first time and did exactly what we needed it to. I definitely recommend Makoto for any work you might need!
  11. Awesome! Thanks so much.
  12. Hey @onlyME would it be possible for you to get this into one of your upcoming releases? I was looking at VideoJS plugins on their GitHub and there is one that links in to Google Analytics ID's that would be very useful since instead of general site statistics you get specific sats for video related analytics. I use Analytics heavily so if you were able to implement this to where i could just hook it to my analytics account that would be awesome. Plus GA is a free service, so it can benefit others as well. Here is the plugin in question
  13. Ah, worked perfectly thanks!
  14. Ah, ok im using an external file link so i guess ill just have to do multiple server options for each quality option. Do you know how the subtitles file should be named? I added an .vtt english file to a video and it works! But, when you hover over the caption spot on the videjs player it says "unkown" is selected lol.
  15. Hey @onlyME how do you add a variable bitrate on the player? On your demo site i see the player has 360p and 720p... how can i do that as well? o.o
  16. Thanks so much, i hope you are able to implement them they would be very useful!
  17. Hi, just wondering if you have thought about adding an option to allow member groups only so many allowed views per day.. Or alternatively, having an option to set a daily guest view limit which will ask them to log in once they use up there views as a guest. So could have like 5 video views per day, per guest... 10 for members, etc. Or an alternate idea could be setting the video watch server to be for certain member groups.. maybe Server 1 is 480p quality that anyone can view, and Server 2 is 1080p quality that only members that are logged in can view or maybe the vip group if your forum has something like that, etc? Either/Both functionality would be a welcome addition! ======== What's the difference between collection and category? Does category = genre? and Collection is like.. a group of shows that maybe go together (like a tv series or something)
  18. I actually really like this idea. This is useful for IP Pages to, if someone put a custom tag on ALL their submissions, when you hit the tag it would show them all right away. They could even set up their own "lists" this way. It could be used for a lot more than appears lol.
    I got Adriano to make this file for me as i saw we had MANY guest views every day, but most would spend hours going through the records in our various databases but never register and contribute back to the record authors with likes, comments, reviews etc. So i wanted something specific like this that would allow guests to view through a configurable amount of articles per database to get them "hooked" then lock them out for 24 hours with a message saying they need to register then they can view an unlimited amount.. The result? It completely worked! Our daily registration rate sky rocketed up from about 1 - 5 per day to 25+ per day. This plugin worked perfectly for me, and install was a breeze with zero errors. Grade A+ plugin here folks, purchase it if you use IP Pages
    Works well, is plug and play and has just enough options to make it your own. Thanks for this plugin, worked right the first time had no issues.
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