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  1. http://snag.gy/4LIHy.jpg Am I missing a module maybe?
  2. As far I understand its using proxy. However switching to apache won't make it work either. /le sigh
  3. I'm experiencing the same issue, it won't go past the testing page. Using plesk 12.5 with nginx proxy.
  4. App is compaitable with 4.1. Check the changelog. Rest i'm not sure, we recently switched to nginx and php7 which increases the speed loads.
  5. Nginx needs no extra configuration php 7.0 RC4 requires the same max_input_vars to be 5000 or so. No further issues found. So its future proof :P
  6. il look into it, if i find the solution il post it back.
  7. Unable to save category settings again. This time most likely cause i'm uisng Nginx & php 7.0 Any advise?
  8. That worked flawless! This explains so much why things didn't work for me. Is it possible as well to show a custom profile field of IPS system itself anywhere else to?
  9. That won't work either. I'm trying to get members to be able to set their own link or image one time in their profile and then to show it on a custom page database but it won't do that somehow. Any way this is possible?
  10. {{$data = $object->ets2avatar;}} <strong>Data:</strong> {$data} Trying to load this simple custom data (set to member) Basicly trying to achieve that members can set a url (or prefered upload) as second avatar which i then can show on a pages database record.
  11. Any way to make an action only be done once a day or 24 hours ?
  12. Just realised it was in the wrong topic. Sorry. But thank you so much for the help!!
  13. I'm losing my motivation after serveral hours of fighting this. $fuelconsumed = "$content->field55"; $fuelprice = 1.419; $fuel1 = ($fuelconsumed * $fuelprice); return $fuel1; What is wrong with this? Its not doing its job :(
  14. decided to remove suhosin and works flawless now.
  15. This setting controls the maximum amount of Forums which can be created per Team. Owners Can Add Forums?Off If selected, Team owners will be able to add Forums on their own whenever they want. Owners Can Edit Forums?Off If selected, Team owners will be able to edit existing Forums to suit their needs. Owners Can Delete Forums?Off If selected, Team owners will be able to delete Forums that they don't need. Owners Can Reorder Forums?Off If selected, Team owners will be able to change their arrangement of Forums. Problems keeps existing for these.
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