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  1. Aha! We were supposed to have updated to it but apparently, it was not completed yet. I was looking at the wrong line when I double checked that. Thank you for the catch.
  2. I purchased the "Brilliant Discord Integration" app but it is not showing up in my Marketplace to install. Even with following the exact directions from the download file button, it is still not coming up in the marketplace to install after purchasing. I am also having issues with Marketplace finding RolePlay even though I already have it installed.
  3. Both the front and back end of our forums are down and unable to be accessed. We contacted the host to see if there was something on their end and they said everything was running fine and was something with Invision. I guess our email capabilities ran out 18 days ago, but we have a fully active license that isn't due to renew until later this year. How should I go about resolving this issue?
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