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  1. Gottit thanks. Hadn't set anything up yet as I wanted to get everything clear in my head before starting. Did purchase it, will give it a go. Looks good.
  2. Another question. This seems to be geared towards members adding raffles. How would I set this so that only admin can add raffles. Members can purchases tickets, but only admin can create a new raffle that everyone can see, and purchase tickets for?
  3. If I have 2 payment methods set in commerce, and one of them is Paypal... When I create a raffle, can I set it to only use one of the payment methods, since Paypal forbids raffles? I would like to set it so that only the other method can be used. Don't know if this is possible with this app?
  4. Not working for me. On 4.6, installed it twice. Anytime I activate it, everyone gets a page error that states "Oops something went wrong, please try again" It is not the message to read a post, as no post is even set yet. It just gives an error for every post they visit, except anyone excluded in the settings. Any idea why they are getting this error even without a post set yet until I deactivate the plugin?
  5. I'm on 4.4.10 and looking to go to 4.5.4 Many years ago, I converted from PhpBB, but that was many versions ago, and have been through multiple upgrades since then. However, when I download the current version software, it gives me the option to download a version that will: Now I have indeed converted, but it was so long ago. Do I need to download this version with the converters, or can I safely use the regular upgrade files without ticking that box?
  6. Seems this has been a problem for a long time, and it is bugging my members. Default theme unmodded. It was discussed here: I don't expect anyone is going to suddenly fix it now that I post about it again, but I would love to know if this remains an issue with 4.5.2 or if it has been fixed? Would make my upgrade faster if I know that things like this are not an issue anymore. Anyone had it on 4.4 and has gone to 4.5 without that issue anymore?
  7. @Adriano FariaDid you ever make progress updating to 4.4?
  8. @Adriano FariaPlease message me when it's working and I'll purchase it. Thanks.
  9. Saw that. But it is no longer available and not supported or updated. Surely someone must have done this recently?
  10. I know there used to be a plugin or 2 for that, but they are outdated and I cannot find any newer ones. Is there a way in 4.4 to force certain groups to read a certain topic before continuing? Announcements don't always work, and I would prefer members to have to go to a certain thread, before they can continue. Anyone know if it can be done or if there is a current plugin?
  11. Can't believe this has still not been fixed. Surely there must be a permanent fix and IPB should be working on it? Has it been reported as a bug? Really irritating for myself and my members.
  12. I am using menu manager to do a dropdown list of external links. Once I build the menu, whenever I click the parent, and the menu drops down...as soon as I move my mouse over the dropdown list, it closes the dropdown. I need to go up again, click the parent....drop down...move mouse and the whole thing collapses again. Positioning the mouse doesn't help. It does this 5 or 6 or 8 times until suddenly it seems to think it has loaded everything ok and then I can navigate the menu fine. Takes about 30 second of 'whack a mole menu' before all is fine to select. Hard to explain to my members they need to repeatedly do it until it works. Anyone have any ideas? Could it be browser related? Using Firefox. Board is at https://www.militaria.co.za/nmb Nihonto links dropdown.
  13. Thank you Sonya. You have been most helpful. Much appreciated.
  14. Thinking of adding some adverts, as simply as possible. If I add them as images, and I do have some blocks in the sidebar and would like the adverts to be under those blocks, does anyone know the optimum width of the images/adverts? And how do different screen sizes and mobile themes then handle the ads? How to make the width fluid so it resizes with screen size? Is there a tutorial or a better plugin for this anywhere? Thanks.
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