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  1. Also if i remove it and then enable the guest message it doesn't appear to show up
  2. Just updated to the recent one and the search bar isn't lined up correctly with anything.
  3. i don't know how to do that but i did buy it but it ran out on the 1/12th but haven't had money for it until now
  4. Hello, i have a question do i need to pay full price again or can i get the renewal fee? @Veilon
  5. So couple of spots on my forum are showing up white like this
  6. zbug


    So i just tried to add a reward and this came up
  7. zbug


    Hi, i recently bought this and i'm trying to figure out where the awards system / hq awards is so i can install it :/
  8. @Veilon I recently downloaded the who's online plugin and its showing up as this - How do i make it in the box and like the others?
  9. @Veilon Yes, is it possible to have a white background right there or just change the text color? Also it was just the edit issue didn't know at the time effected everywhere
  10. Update: also notice it on forums - Also is there a way to make the catchy lighter shown?
  11. Hi, i recently downloaded this (yesterday) and the recent status shows blank not showing the different text edits etc.
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