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  1. Be patience and be glad the RC's are coming along I rather the stable release actually be a stable release and not a vB thing where they aren't even stable after 15 releases later.
  2. Any chance the new shoutbox can have the extender included where you can include posts / threads as shouts and actually have them setup permission wise so people only see shouts of posts or threads they're supposed to see. Would be very useful it's something that helps let everyone on my board know about new posts and threads but there is a few hidden forums that I cant use because there is no actual permissions for most users but it still shows the shout for everyone.
  3. So this patch fixes the other patches problem with members alphabets not working it seems.
  4. ​ it allows for your members to add any html code they like into their profiles including java and other codes. I think the original idea was to make it so members can edit the CSS but it has a basic code blacklist that doesn't even have all the harmful codes in it which could be a major problem to your users and it also is cap sensitive so even if you update the blacklist with all the codes to not allow someone to use such as java to harm someones computer they can simply just put a capital letter and there you go it works. So overall it's not something I would invest my money into especially since I did and it's a major security risk to use on any live board.
  5. ​I rather not rush it to be honest the more stability the better.
  6. your site says the latest release is 1.0.3 but on here it's 1.0.1 is that just a error or has the newest release not be added onto here?
  7. ​If you haven't changed your admin folder simply upload the new admin folder and allow it to overwrite all the existing files to the new ones that you are uploading.
  8. Well I did first tell him it was broken, he decided to tell me it wasn't so I explained exactly why it's broken.
  9. The only difference I know from vBulletin is it accepts wire transfers and xenforo only accepts PayPal so I am not sure where you get the idea that having more payment options is the reason why people are using nulled versions.
  10. The blacklist isn't case sensitive, so let's say you put Script instead of script it will run the script so your blacklist is broken actually or has a easy exploit or security issue. All someone has to do is add a capital letter to the codes and they work completely fine making it a huge ass security risk and I want my five bucks back if that's the case.
  11. ​That sounds good please do it god I'll even pay 30-40 bucks if i have to lol, it's a feature that loads of my members loved with vB and miss with IPB. ​I agree completely and that's exactly how I see it.
  12. I just don't see why not, if we set them as secondary we can trust them to decide if they want to keep it secondary or primary, it's a feature in vB and it saves admins a lot of time especially if you got thousands and thousands of users.
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