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  1. It's been suggested many times... Here's a topic I created and I explained in detail why it's needed in other Apps too.
  2. It would be intuitive that way... I tried a couple of times to do it, without even ever using XF And was a bit disappointed it didn't work...
  3. Go to Members - Moderators (in the Staff section) - Edit the group or member that has moderator rights and uncheck "Can manage sidebar" on the General tab. Hope it helps
  4. Yes, this is possible in Member Group settings (edit the Group you wish to change this for), under Social tab. Find a setting Can view who gave reputation and disable it.
  5. It's in the language settings, go to Language and click on Translate and search for "commented on" and look at the key to identify the string for email and edit it the way it suits you
  6. All quite reasonable suggestions. For a suite, there are really a lot of inconsistencies, meaning, Forum app is far more rich in functions than other apps.
  7. Are your Group settings set to be able to see who gave reputation? Check here: Members - Groups - Edit a Group that should see this - go to tab Social and check if this option "Can view who gave reputation?" is enabled
  8. In the Reputation settings, are any groups checked in this field?
  9. I would like to see this, too. Our albums have up to 200 images and we have up to 3 albums a day, so yes, this definitely is a problem...
  10. @thomas bacon​ It is possible to disable viewing profiles for certain member groups, just not intuitive. Go to System - Applications - open additional options by clicking on an arrow next to System in the list - Click on the lock icon next to Profiles. I hope this helps a bit... As for enhancing this, I totally agree. For me, having an option to get some fields/parts of the profile page visable to certain groups would be a good start. If member could define it, that would be even better.
  11. I had the same problem... My solution was Copy - Paste all the English strings I didn't want to translate. It took me about a full days work, and I hated every minute of it...
  12. Yup, I was having the same problem a long time ago, since preview releases. Since then, I know the procedure by heart Interesting how for such a simple feature you need an instruction manual, but what can we do other than help each other out
  13. Also, you need to set permissions for groups that can create Albums... Go to Members - Groups - Edit (for the group that should be able to create albums), go to tab Gallery and check that that group can create Albums. Otherwise, you won't see the button in the screenshot.
  14. Glad to see there are people who find it logical that way. My main concern with the way it is now is that a user might leave a page thinking he has seen all that can be seen for that category, and that is definitely not the case.
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