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    HippieDude got a reaction from Robert Lunte in (SD) Newsletter   
    I finally got this junk off my forum
    I just wanted latest posts emailed... but it was showing posts that where deleted.. post from months back etc...
    And after buying it, I wasnt going to pay more for you to explain your system in the broken english it was built in...
    I have downloaded plenty of paid products and this one was a nightmare from start to finish!
    I want my money back!
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    HippieDude got a reaction from Zaylaci Academy Zaylaci in Update to 4.1.4 - Notification Error   
    SInce updating to 4.1.4 the notifications are showing the RED notice, but I cannot access the content
    I cannot even "View all notifications"
    Something went wrong. Please try again. Error code: EX2048
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    HippieDude reacted to Adriano Faria in Member's Country   
    I would bet on it. This (and other plugins) extends the regular board files, not files from any app.
    The same way, I bet flags won't appear there as well.
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    HippieDude got a reaction from Adriano Faria in Member's Country   
    Ahh.. yep... thats done it...
    Sorry, I didnt know that its activated per member on their next login 
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    HippieDude reacted to Adriano Faria in Member's Country   
    Existing members: Just log out and log in to update the country. Or, if allowed by the admin, go to Account Settings and pick your country.
    Are you sure everybody logged out and logged in on your board?
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    HippieDude reacted to iacas in IPB twitterer   
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    HippieDude reacted to Adriano Faria in Member's Country   
    Ok. I'll ask them to do like you want. Don't worry. Thr world is not going to over because of this.
    Now, a request: as I know that you WILL NOT buy this resource, can you PLEASE stop posting your personal opinion about it here on this topic? I really don't care how you think it (or the world) should be. This is a support topic for those who bought this resource, not a (s)chit chat for you to waste your time.
    I can't simply IGNORE you because UNFORTUNATELY I have to support you in another resource, otherwise I would already did... So please, allow me to bear my cross only where I have to! 
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    HippieDude reacted to Ahmad E. in What are your settings?   
    Then you need to install the caching service that you want to use on the server side, e.g. memcached.
    You can google how to do this for the OS that you are using.
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    HippieDude reacted to Chris Bell in Bug Upgrade 4.1 - 4.1.1   
    i understand you guys are introducing a new interface;
    imo it's too much making it mandatory for everyone to switch to the new layout with no option for the older theme,
    navigation is different; and so is the page layout; not everyone has the time to stop everything and start dealing with new layout now,
    id like the option please of keeping my old theme as is untill i find the time to make the adjustment required for the new layout,
    there are many bug fixes im more interested in right now; but not necessarily have the time to deal with the new layout adjustment,
    though i didn't implement this on my live instance; this isn't cool forcing a move like that!

    just my two cents guys,
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    HippieDude got a reaction from Lab Rats Rule in Post count bug   
    I can confirm that the recount tool does work, albeit taking a while...
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    HippieDude got a reaction from Nolifehoned in Donate Sidebar Support   
    ​So I have to enter in the numbers myself?
    Sorry, just making sure I am not missing anything...

    BTW, I have a few of your paid products... always fantastic
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    HippieDude reacted to Milad IPBPlug.in in IPB twitterer   
    Yes. I'm working on it.
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    HippieDude reacted to dmaidon in Cannot access ACP after update to   
    I had the same problem and deleted the cache manually and everything went back to working.
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    HippieDude reacted to steve00 in Cannot access ACP after update to   
    I did fill bug report about that but as yet still pending
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    HippieDude reacted to Adlago in Cannot access ACP after update to   
    It is possible to upgrade package you received with an error.
    Maybe you should download again and try upgrade.
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    HippieDude got a reaction from Adriano Faria in [IPS4] Tutorials   
    Your Tutorials plugin is excellent...
    It is the Theme that is the issue and I was just letting users know to be mindful....
    Tutorials is worth every cent and a better alternative to FAQ (I had that too)
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    HippieDude got a reaction from Adriano Faria in [IPS4] Tutorials   
    Fantastic Extension... Fantastic Support
    But, here is an issue that you may want to acknowledge...
    I decided to use the Theme "Nerva" for IPB4 by IPBforo and his/her theme kills the "Tutorial" extension....
    I doubt its your extension as the theme is pretty messed up
    Just a heads up....
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    HippieDude got a reaction from ipsrocks in Fosters Blocks   
    I cant get the Commerce block to display anything...
     It just shows an empty block
    I have everything updated... I have nexus and I have products...
    The commerce widget shows everything correctly (slider with products), but this widget shows nadda
    Permissions are set to "All"
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    HippieDude reacted to ipsrocks in Fosters Blocks   
    Storyteller is correct. The editor block is too similar with the pages apps wysiwyg block, that's why i've decided to hide it. Should i bring it back in the next release?
    Sorry. I can confirm that it's not working.
    Will release a bugfix release soon
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    HippieDude got a reaction from iacas in IPB twitterer   
    Any updates on Twitterer?
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    HippieDude got a reaction from onlyME in Videobox   
    It sure was... In record time...
    If anyone else has this issue... It was an Old Widget and removing the widget and using the new ones fixed it
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    HippieDude reacted to Meddysong in Remove the word 'Forums'?   
    You've identified why we use custom.css - that won't be written over
    To find it, go to the edit screen that you've already described, select CSS at the top, then navigate to core > front > custom and you'll see it.
    Nope. It's part of the design template. There's something similar in Blogs, Downloads etc.
    It was answered in the second post of the thread. You'll need to specify in your custom.css that you want that particular div not to be displayed, or hack the template. I prefer (and use) the former option.
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    HippieDude got a reaction from kar3n2 in Remove the word 'Forums'?   
    I have the same problem and it only popped up when I did the last update
    Surely there must be something in the APC that lets us turn it off

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    HippieDude reacted to Ryan H. in Easy Pages   
    ​Then it's a consequence of how it interacts with the IPB framework. Whatever the case, the problem lies within your code and your code is what would have to be adjusted.
    I don't want to seem hostile or evasive, it's just not my problem. I can't help you with errors being thrown in your custom code. I don't guarantee that all code will immediately work without modification. I just give you the tools to make it possible.
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    HippieDude reacted to Tanja in 1S136/M - "You are not allowed to give reputation to this user."   
    In the Reputation settings, are any groups checked in this field?

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