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  1. Hey all, I want my members to have the ability to post anything they want, but I want to avoid the hit and run from people who join only to post a link and leaving forever, by hiding their links if they are inactive on the forum. I could do that in another forum platform. For example if you don't post 5 times per week then you get demoted in another usergroup were you can't post links. Can something like this be done ?
  2. Just a quick question but how do you do the "private section" on the categories ? is that possible to do that already and I'm missing it or is custom code? thanks
  3. how can I do replicate that Signup widget? is that any specific widget from the marketplace?
    Thanks for the plugin, it does help indeed.
  4. Hi all, Im trying to figure the best way to do this. I have pages as the main page to post articles, and I use the forums for comments. From what I understand the forum just mirror the articles ? so I have the same content twice ? Because as it is now, if I post an article the link is example.com/articles/title and the mirrored is example.com/forums/topic.5/title both have the same content and comments Isn't that bad for seo? or is not something to worry about? if it is should I exclude the articles pages from google bots or any other tips ?
  5. I'm having some issues configuring this plugin. I have followed to the letter the instructions for the installation, so that part is fine I guess. My issues are. That I cannot add an image for the article so now there is just a white blank unclicable space instead. When I click an article I get redirected normally to read it but all the articles from the main page also appear with it. Im not sure what did I do wrong. May I send you the link so you can see it ?
  6. the demo site is down, anyone using it can pm me his website ? I would like to see it in action before.
  7. Here is a picture. when I do this ## I get this
  8. Hi I would like to request the option when someone clicks the image he redirected to the article. Also a question. I think I mess up something, I can upload the image, and I can view it perfectly as a cover in the front page, but it also get posted in the article, I'm not sure how to stop it from posting it there too.
  9. falafel

    [HQ] Awards

    Does (JAPPD) [HQ] Awards Post Profile Display v1.0.0 need to be enabled so the naked eye work or I need to disable it ? I tried several settings on the awards settings and the hooks but I can't seem to remove the "user awards" title.. Currently I have only the hook (JAPPN) [HQ] Awards Post Profile Naked v1.0.0 enabled but nothing is showing up, I tried also to clear the cache but nothing.
  10. falafel

    [HQ] Awards

    Sorry if I missed it but how can I remove the title "User awards" from the postbit ?
  11. falafel

    [HQ] Awards

    what is this error ? a member gets this when he tries to view his awards in his profile or in the navigaiton menu ( I see it without a problem though) Fatal error: Call to a member function category_row_start() on a non-object in /home/FORUM/public_html/forums/admin/applications_addon/other/jawards/modules_public/awards/awards.php on line 194
  12. got that too, a window opens requesting username and password :unsure:
  13. I want to remove this gap if possible any tips?
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