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  1. hello What about tags ? for example https://ipshelp.ru/tags/одноклассниках thanks
  2. i have 10 category and 100 subcategory , and very inconvenient to search the desired subcategory when they are displayed all at once now we have will be perfect
    Its ok. But will be perfect if the check takes place immediately after filling in the two fields (and there is a green check mark on the side), but not after you - send form. ps/. For pass fields this will be perfect too.
  3. Andy hello.Please write news on you topic about classifieds. Thanks

    1. bigPaws


      Good luck getting @Andy Millne to reply to any query on this, manners are not his strong point - guess coding is ;)

  4. Very need 2 things in blogs : 1.Subsections For example i have sections in blogs : RC model For example user 1 create new record in sections - RC model .Record about rc Boat . User 2 create new record in sections - RC model . Record about rc Car . Need : RC model - section RC car - subsection RC boat -subsection RC airplane-subsection 2. User 1 create blog about rc model - hpi savage Must be able to create entries in a single blog hpi savage >entry1,entry2,entry3,entry4
  5. hello. maybe you can find 1 min an answered in classifieds topic. We all wait. Thanks

  6. Black monday is come :) CanT wait. Please come on.
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