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  1. Is it possible to remove the blocks which are being used on the LD app main page so they don't show up in the Clubs? All the other apps / features I'm using in the club (forum, videobox, gallery, blog) don't have the blocks I use in the respected apps. LD is the only one which has all the blocks from main LD app page. If I remove any of the blocks from the LD clubs page, it removes them from the main LD page. Is there a setting or template I could modify so that the blocks from the main LD page won't show up in clubs? Thanks!
  2. I don't believe so. [rant] I'd love to have a simple report so that people who are paying for ads on my site can see a page with the stats about their ads. Customers don't really like paying $$$ and have ZERO idea how their ads are performing. People must not use ads on their site, because stats for ads aren't / haven't been a priority for IPS. I've even resorted to praying to Zeus, hoping maybe IPS will stop using classes that have advertisement in them so that Ad Blockers don't block them (search your templates and remove ipsAdvertisement if you don't want your ads blocked by ad blockers). It's apparent that only Jesus can make that happen... or maybe another God. Though, I haven't had too much luck. Maybe I need to sacrifice a goat. Maybe there is another way: Either pray (see above), find a reliable God, or bust out some cash and pay a developer like @onlyME or @Adriano Faria if they aren't slammed with work already. [/rant]
  3. Bluto

    Night Mode Theme

    Clubs icon has a white border which doesn't look too good. /* Club Icon Border */ .cClubIcon {border: 2px solid #191b21 !important;} or if you like it darker: /* Club Icon Border */ .cClubIcon {border: 2px solid #0a0b0d !important;}
  4. @MIXOH There was an issue with this plugin when I tried to react to one of @onlyME VideoBox app videos. It would give an error. @onlyME found the issue and gave me the fix below. Big thanks to @onlyME for finding it and providing a fix. 💪
  5. Bluto

    Night Mode Theme

    Reddit embeds looked horrible (nasty white border and heading text was black). The CSS for the embed isn't available, so the only thing I could do was make the iframe background white. Once I did that it looked normal. /* Embed Reddit Specific */ iframe[data-embedid] { background-color: #fcfcfc !important;} EDIT PLEASE NOTE: This didn't really work too well. You might want to play around with this before production use.
  6. I'm most likely not going to use it, but I'm sure others might want the widget. 🙂
  7. No the record wasn't added. The user contact me saying he got an error. I haven't noticed this error before, though I have seen a few CURL errors, but since I didn't get a report I didn't investigate it further. I just notice that 2 minutes before the error I posted above, the user got the error below, not sure if it's related. Error: Call to a member function contents() on null (0) #0 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/FormAbstract.php(377): IPS\links\Screenshot\Api\_Upload->IPS\links\Screenshot\Api\{closure}(NULL) #1 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/Upload.php(739): IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->validate() #2 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/FormAbstract.php(165): IPS\Helpers\Form\_Upload->validate() #3 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/FormAbstract.php(142): IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->setValue(true) #4 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/Upload.php(151): IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->__construct('link_image', NULL, '1', Array, Object(Closure), NULL, NULL, 'link_image') #5 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/sources/Screenshot/Api/Upload.php(47): IPS\Helpers\Form\_Upload->__construct('link_image', NULL, '1', Array, Object(Closure), NULL, NULL, 'link_image') #6 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/sources/Link/Link.php(713): IPS\links\Screenshot\Api\_Upload->form() #7 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Content/Item.php(152): IPS\links\_Link::formElements(NULL, Object(IPS\links\Category)) #8 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Content/Item.php(102): IPS\Content\_Item::buildCreateForm(Object(IPS\links\Category)) #9 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/modules/front/links/submit.php(83): IPS\Content\_Item::create(Object(IPS\links\Category)) #10 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\links\modules\front\links\_submit->submit() #11 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/modules/front/links/submit.php(28): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #12 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\links\modules\front\links\_submit->execute() #13 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #14 {main} #0 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/init.php(894): IPS\_Log::log('Error: Call to ...', 'uncaught_except...') #1 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::exceptionHandler(Object(Error)) #2 {main} Just check to make sure I hadn't modified any templates, they are all stock.
  8. One of my users had an issue adding a link to the links directory. I logged in as the user and added the link without an issue. Below is the error he got. Not sure what happened, but I wanted to let you know just in-case it was an issue. I have my links directory image settings Thumbnails API to only allow Upload. IPS\Http\Request\CurlException: Resolving timed out after 10000 milliseconds (28) #0 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Http/Request/Curl.php(415): IPS\Http\Request\_Curl->_execute() #1 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Http/Request/Curl.php(291): IPS\Http\Request\_Curl->_executeAndFollowRedirects('GET', NULL) #2 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/sources/Link/Link.php(668): IPS\Http\Request\_Curl->get() #3 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/Url.php(207): IPS\links\_Link::IPS\links\{closure}(Object(IPS\Http\Url), NULL) #4 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/FormAbstract.php(165): IPS\Helpers\Form\_Url->validate() #5 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/FormAbstract.php(142): IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->setValue(true) #6 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/TextArea.php(66): IPS\Helpers\Form\_FormAbstract->__construct('link_url', '', true, Array, Object(Closure), NULL, NULL, 'link_url') #7 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Helpers/Form/Text.php(129): IPS\Helpers\Form\_TextArea->__construct('link_url', '', true, Array, Object(Closure), NULL, NULL, 'link_url') #8 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/sources/Link/Link.php(675): IPS\Helpers\Form\_Text->__construct('link_url', '', true, Array, Object(Closure), NULL, NULL, 'link_url') #9 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Content/Item.php(152): IPS\links\_Link::formElements(NULL, Object(IPS\links\Category)) #10 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Content/Item.php(102): IPS\Content\_Item::buildCreateForm(Object(IPS\links\Category)) #11 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/modules/front/links/submit.php(83): IPS\Content\_Item::create(Object(IPS\links\Category)) #12 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Dispatcher/Controller.php(85): IPS\links\modules\front\links\_submit->submit() #13 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/applications/links/modules/front/links/submit.php(28): IPS\Dispatcher\_Controller->execute() #14 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/system/Dispatcher/Dispatcher.php(152): IPS\links\modules\front\links\_submit->execute() #15 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/index.php(13): IPS\_Dispatcher->run() #16 {main} #0 /home/nginx/domains/xxx.com/public/init.php(894): IPS\_Log::log('IPS\\Http\\Reques...', 'uncaught_except...') #1 [internal function]: IPS\IPS::exceptionHandler(Object(IPS\Http\Request\CurlException)) #2 {main}
  9. Bluto


    Updates work great. Being able to see the videos in approval queue is awesome.
  10. It should be in the root directory. The easiest thing to do is open a support ticket and they will help you out.
  11. @CaptJeff you can always open a support ticket and IPS will help you out. You'll be fine, there are plenty of people on this site who are clueless, helpless, useless, hopeless, and careless... including myself. 🙂
  12. @InvisionHQ would it be possible to have an option to hide the club description on the Activity page when using your HOME page option. What is happening is that the club description is showing up on the Activity page when the "Edit Club Settings" -> Description is populated. I can leave the description blank which removed it from the Activity page, but then the Club Card has no description. If the ability was there to remove the description from the Activity page, it would allow only the HOME page to contain information / description of the club while retaining the Club Card description.
  13. Looks like you're doing the same thing with myClubsSidebar on the main clubs directory page. Opposite of all your other apps. Forums app: "start a new topic" is located in the body. Support app: "new request" is located in the body. Gallery app: "add images" is located in the body. Clubs... "start a club"... sidebar.
  14. You have to set that in the config file. Open conf_global.php and add / change: 'member_group' => '29', Change the member group to the group id of the group you created - group you want to use. This will be the initial group they are signed up into. Once they are in that group, you can use group promotions to move them into different groups depending on what you want (number of posts, time on site, signup date, etc). Hope this helps!
  15. Bluto


    @onlyME I don't see any ability to change the amount of videos displayed in the clubs video section. You can set the videos per page for each category in the videobox app, but there is no setting to set the number of videos per page for the clubs category from what I can see.
  16. IMO there shouldn't be anything "fixed" in the sidebar of clubs. My club looks horrible with clubMemberBox list in the sidebar. Make it a block I can add if I want, don't force me to have a list of members there. Any particular reason why that's there permanently? There is already a members tab with a list of members. All my clubs features are full width, except the pages which you've decided to have the clubMemberBox on. I'm sure @Matt and his Merry Men took a lot of time coding the block manager... let's use that in this instance instead of... well... deleting everything in the clubMemberBox template. If there is a setting to remove this, please let me know. I've looked everywhere and nothing allows me to remove this with the exception of displaying the club information in the sidebar vs. the header OR removing the code from the clubMemberBox template.
  17. @InvisionHQ would it be possible to have an option to remove the members list in the sidebar when the "Display Club information" is located "In the header". IMO it looks horrible to have that in the sidebar, when all my other club features / sections don't have that in the sidebar. Added, IPS has decided to make that perm in the sidebar, I can't remove it without a code edit. There's a members tab for people who want to see members.
    Be very careful using this. While it sounds great in theory, if the persons email is not working any longer, the member has no ability to change their email since they need to verify the existing email before they can change to a new email. This plugin broke @Spanner Outdate Emails app and wouldn't even send the verification email when Outdate Email is active. I'm not saying this is a bad plugin, but be very careful when using it on your site because it might cause issues you don't even realize are happening.
  18. @Makoto I believe there is an issue with Group Promotions when you select "Member has disposable e-mail?" and "Any" in the Group Promotion settings. I've been trying to do a promotion from an inactive group to member group for people who haven't be online in awhile, but it doesn't work when set to "Any". Only when I set it to "No" does it work.
  19. Bluto


    I'll get back to you later via PM.
  20. Bluto


    I just did a test and neither video it tried from youtube grabbed a thumbnail. Below in the screen capture you can see the small box where the thumbnail should be.
  21. Bluto


    Would it be possible to have videbox grab the youtube thumbnail when posting a youtube video OR the option to require that a thumbnail be uploaded? I have so many people post youtube videos who don't upload a thumbnail since it's not required to add a thumbnail and there is no option that I can see to make it required. Members post without the thumbnail and I have to either: 1. Edit the video and add a thumbnail. 2. Delete the video and then the user gets mad at me. 3. PM the user to add a thumbnail before it's approved. All of the above take a lot of time especially when I have a lot of videos. Also, if you could add the video to the Site Moderation -> Approval Queue - if you test it you will see that only the title and description are shown. This would allow users to see the video before approving the video. Right now all I see is the title and description... without seeing the video it's hard to determine if the video is spam or not.
    Excellent addition to Videobox. Developer is one of the best IPS developers. He responds to requests quickly and is always a joy to have discussions with. I'd rate both the developer and the app 10 stars if I could.
  22. Use a service to check your emails. Export out a list of your emails and use a service like this: https://verify-email.org/register/levels.html there are many services out there. For the service I mentioned it is $25 for 20K emails which should take care of you. Research the services, as I haven't used the one I referenced, you might want to pick another one. Here are some others. https://www.emaillistverify.com https://neverbounce.com/ https://www.mailgun.com/email-validation/email-validator/bulk-email-validator You might also want to get this plugin, https://invisioncommunity.com/files/file/9289-%F0%9F%93%A7-block-disposable-e-mails/ which will block disposable emails so people don't signup with disposable emails and then you take the hit later when the email is bad.
  23. Bluto

    Night Mode Theme

    For some reason IPS is putting the style outside of a class for ipsRichEmbed which is using a black stroke around the embed which you can hardly see. <div class="ipsRichEmbed" style="max-width:500px;border:1px solid rgba(0,0,0,.1);"> I wasn't sure which color to use to stroke, maybe there is a better color to use than #333? /* Embed */ .ipsRichEmbed {border:1px solid #333 !important};
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