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    Fantastic theme! Suits a gaming community perfectly, easily customizable and the support is even better!
    One of the best forum themes out there, was exactly what i was looking for, could not of asked for a better one. The after purchase support is also amazing can't go wrong with this theme.
  1. $ban['admin'] = $row['admin_nick']; There is no section for admin_nick in the sb database. or any of the others i have added here. $ban['typ'] = $row['ban_type']; $ban['server'] = $row['server_name']; $ban['kicks'] = $row['ban_kicks']; $ban['steamcommunity'] = self::zamianaid($ban['player_id']);
  2. When i add a ban from the forum i get in table sb_bans nothing under 'adminip' and under 'aid' i get 0
  3. When i first install v1.3 the bans page dosn't load at all, have to comment out this line to get it to work, not sure if this is just me but have installed it twice. Thanks for replying too. //$ban['steamcommunity'] = self::zamianaid($ban['player_id']); The only other thing i cant get working is making the forum know which admin is posting the bans and for the bans to show in my bans. I did mess around with using member_id instead of member_name but that doesn't seem to be working anymore.
  4. Well not sure about everyone else but i did pay $30 for something that isn't working correctly. Perhaps get it working then make people pay for it.
  5. Thats funny cause i did get the appeals working but i think the coding is outdated or i have a different sourceban as some of the mysql tables don't line up. Also only way i could make the addon know what admin made the ban is change member_data 'name' with member data 'member_id' and just make sure they have same member id as the sourceban admin. Any updates coming out soon?
  6. well got that working by removing items from bans.php but how does someone appeal a ban?
  7. As soon as i add a ban to sourcebans the bans page will not work.
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