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  1. Can't remeber sorry... but how do I allowed "guests to access the board"
  2. I have http://www.ClubDark.dk where people need to have an account and login before they can see anything I have a store on Club Dark with the following url: https://www.clubdark.dk/store/ Is it possible I can let people access that store and all the pages in the store without they have to login? /Regards Johnni
  3. We have recently updated our system to 4.4.3 and in that regard our entire system went back from Danish to English. The old translations are still in the system but doesn't work any longer. How do we translate the system back to Danish again? - solved
  4. How do I redirect from 1 page to another. For example: https://www.clubdark.dk/index.php?/store/category/3-merchandise/ to this: https://shop.spreadshirt.dk/clubdark (ClubDark.dk is my domain ofc)
  5. @opentype thanks for help yesterday - you saved me alot of time: Do you know where to sort ordre of the product - fx if I want the Volbeat to be the first product?
  6. Ahhh true thx mate - You been a really really big help
  7. Thx @opentype Now it works completly. Last question (hopeful) - a bit complicated I have a membership which cost 79 USD each month. And people can buy a t-shirt with dicount when they sign up for membership. So I need to have these options: A: Membership 79 USD / each month B: Membership + t-shirt: 89 USD - and each month after only 79 USD Option A is of course easy to make But how do I make option B. So I get 89 USD now ... .and in the furture I only get 79 USD a month? Thanks for helping
  8. Thanks @opentype Now I have done that ... And price changed.... but people cant choose diffrent ones
  9. I have just brought Ecommerce to IPS And lets say I sell a T-shirt How can I in the same product have different Sizes people can choose? And if that is possible - how may I give different sizes different prices?
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