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  1. yours is under search but mine is above search
  2. yes but why did look like yours?
  3. thanks it works and why Quick Switch not right place like your picture. please help me fix this
  4. Fatal error: Call to a member function hookdp30aswdropdown() on a non-object in/home/xxxxx/public_html/bbs/hooks/dp3_accountSwitchModDropdown_e5bf60182c18bb35032de186e7c08ed6.php on line 50
  5. if not . anyone can join any group just use @sony.com @imvisionpower.com email. and then how can this mod work well?
  6. ok . But I set New registration email validation. How can set up to check the domain after email validation?
  7. yes But We should make sure @sony.com's email is belong to him. How can?
  8. like someone use like "dasd3@sony.com" register . he can be in "sony" group doesn't matter if "dasd3@sony.com" is true.
  9. I just bought it . But not work well . When somebody register use any @sony.com . he will be sony group . even not true one. How can fix this one
  10. I have many trash topics from proxy . Could you help block them ?
  11. Bug help when I use block Content like <!-- SIDEBAR BLOCK MANUAL BEGIN --> <div class='ipsSideBlock clearfix'> <h3>{$title}</h3> <div class='_sbcollapsable'> {parse expression="$this->registry->fshow->_start(1)"} </div> </div> <!-- SIDEBAR BLOCK MANUAL END --> I click scollops fresh the page image be smaller 100px I set 256px please help fix it http://postimg.org/image/efojmhrzn/
  12. and change Truncate title font size bigger how?
  13. how can only show topic has photo? But not show with out photo
  14. tags in topic list When click a tag. I want to just this forum the topic at. not all forums. Just like Categories add some filters like "?search_app_filters[forums][forums][]=63" do you have any idea? It is very important for me . thanks
  15. tags in topic list When click a tag. I want to just this forum the topic at. not all forums. How can do this ? thanks
  16. how can set up "Please wait 5 minutes before submitting again" I don't need wait 5 minutes thanks
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