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    Despite some negative reviews I risked it, and bought and installed Badges 3.3.3. I created 5 badges in Photoshop, using the provided PSD template, uploaded them to the admin area, and assigned them to over 100 members. As far as I can tell, it has all worked great so far. Pros: PSD template is easy to use and edit (I guess also a Con if you don't own Photoshop) Seems to just work. Badges appear for the right users, in the right place. Admin set-up is easy to use and logical. Cons: Bug: You cannot edit the badge of an existing Member (pressing 'Save' makes no difference), and once returned to the Member list all of their edit icons are screwed up. You end-up having to delete the user, and re-add them. Bug: Deleting a user hangs on a 'Loading' spinner. They are actually deleted, but you need to refresh to see the change. There is no way to mass assign badges to members. I had over 100 to add, and I had to do them one by one, manually. A real pain. Badges don't appear anywhere in the User Profile, only on posts. Which is a shame. No way to automatically assign badges to Members, only to Groups (using Group rules) So on the whole 4/5 stars, because it definitely works, and is exactly what I wanted. It just needs fixing-up in a few places.
  1. Since upgrading this morning no-one other than admins can post new topics or replies. They get the following error (in the browser console) when hitting the Submit button: Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in /home/sites/html5gamedevs.com/public/system/Text/HtmlPurifierInternalLinkDef.php on line 70 We have no theme mods or plugins causing this. It's obviously a result of the 4.1.10 update. Do you know when it will be fixed? Our forum is effectively useless as a result. We couldn't even submit our support request via the Admin panel because it throws the above error too.
  2. Just bought this plugin and really like it. I would like to do the following: Remove the text 'Recent Forum Images' (just remove that whole bar) Have the thumbnails go to the 'Post Link' URL instead of opening up at all Either of these possible somehow?
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