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  1. 5 minutes ago, Martin A. said:

    Browser cache. Delete it after you switch language.

    Are you serious?! It is simply not working and may be cached wrongly and the cache is not cleared during the language switch or something similar. I tried Ctrl+r and Ctrl+f5. You can try yourself here. I tried in Comodo Dragon browser. 

  2. 1. It is not possible to set default meta-tags for each and every inner pages of the application if you like to keep the default automatically added title tag of each inner page and want to have the same or unique meta-tags for each page. Meta-tags are not generated automatically for the inner pages. Yes, you can set all manually but if you have 30000+ inner pages then you will spend your life to add all of this. Please, add option to add something like {image_title} or {product_title} to the meta-tags and tiltle tag when setting them manually.

    2. If you set meta-tags and title for all pages of the site like this /* (screenshot) then individaul application settings like store/ or store/* (screenshot) are not respected. Please, make individual application settings respected.



  3. 2 hours ago, Kjell Iver Johansen said:


    This is support topic but not for expressing personal opinion in the offensive manner about me. Stop insulting me. I am not doing anything against the Marketplace rules.

  4. Something with the visible text "Custom Markers" is badly cached I suppose. Because it is showing the Russian language always for all languages (I have 3 languages). test


  5. Also some phrases are not language abstracted after upgrade to 3.0.1. The below must be pattern abstracted in the language srtings.


  6. Commerce really isn't intended to be a portfolio of items that aren't actually for sale and again, the use-case for such functionality is, in our opinion, very low. 

    I am sorry, seams to be you are thinking that Commerce is something like Aliexpress or Amazon. But it is not. Thank you for your reply as always predictable. No need for me to left any feedback any more. It is clear that this will not change much.

  7. I am not sure what you mean by very niche functionality and for what purpose the product feedback forum is if all suggestions are for some uncertain future. 

    Amazon and Aliexpress do not use statuses like sold or reserved since they are big markets and intended for some stock products. But Commerce is rather for small shops since it does not have so much functionality as this big sites. Small shops are aften selling piece goods. So the stock system may be not applicable for them at all. I think that most buyers of your Commerce are owners of the small shops. So, which way are you going: big shop software or small shop software? It is not clear at all. All I can see is the attempt to create some kind of shop which is hardly usable in any of this cases.

    Here are some examples of the sold status from the different shops:

    real estate

    real estate 2

    real estate 3

    real estate 4

    fine art auction

    fine art auction 2


    And finally the example when the price is not 0 but the Sold out badge is visible (which is not possible in Commerce


  8. 1 hour ago, chilihead said:

    As far the statuses, they seem very unique to an artist gallery type store, but I'm sure a simple hook could work for you. There are a few people here who could do it for a fee.

    Thank you for your concern. Statuses may be added of any type you like. Like on the screenshot. So, it will be applicable for any store. Since IPS had declared its products not Forums based (as it was in 3.x.x and earlier) by dividing Core and Forum apart, it will be the good idea to develop the Commerce application in more advanced way. 

    Pic 1.jpg

  9. कृष्णा (can't tag), 


    33 minutes ago, chilihead said:

    you could create a SOLD category in Commerce to showcase the sold paintings. This may be even better than having sold material mixed in with for sale material.

    I think you should not advise things in which you do not have experience. For example, artist's paintings should be in one section in order not to confuse visitors. Like here.

  10. 4 minutes ago, Marc S said:

    Im also a little lost here. You want to add a product to a commerce application to say someone cannot buy it? Its hard to see the scenario here, but Im sure you are asking for this for good reason, so feel free to give us more of an insight.

    I have replied above. There are many situations when you may want to show products which were sold or not for sale as the original...

    4 minutes ago, Marc S said:

    to give us more of an insight.

    May be I will not tell something new, but label Sold is the common thing in the most online shops. :)

  11. 4 hours ago, Lindy said:

    I'm not sure I'm understanding why you want to list products for sale that aren't for sale, could you please explain?

    There are different products and you may want to show alredy sold products as the exampe. Also, if the stock level is 0 then it is currently shown in the Commerce as Out of stock. So, you are showing products which are not for sale also.

    Regarding my situation, we are selling paintings and it is not bad for the artist representation to show pictures which are alredy sold. So, we have several statuses for the products which may be added more to the list: For sale, Sold, Reserved, Not for sale, Order artist's copy, Order portrait, etc.

    I even created the expression of requirements for the local programmer how I want this to work in Commerce. It is not complicated and may be added to the product and it is not influencing other sections of Commerce. If you like I can translate it into English and send it to you with pictures. It is not very big.

  12. Since there is the logical bug in the Commerce applictation when the cart is emptied during the checkout process if the checkout was cancelled by the customer or if there was the connection problem, and IPS support does not consider this the bug in the bug tracker, I am offering the new feature: Add to Favorites. The customer will be adble to add the product to the special Favorites folder in his control panel for the consequent review and purchase.

  13. Please, add option to embed external links in the form of nice blocks. You alredy have this blocks for internal links:



    Here is the video how this is working on other site: 


    This option should have settings for ajusting permissions on per groups basis and may be white/black list of domains.




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