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  1. 10 hours ago, BIgnat said:

    You're right )) I could see 20 private messages without scrolling in IPB 3.4, but now just 5, so I have to scroll. It's very, very annoying when you have about 20-30 new PM during the day.

    Hey man. I think you are expert in css and can ajust simple things in custom.css:

    .ipsColumn_veryWide {
    	width: 100%;
    #elMessageList {
        overflow-y: auto;
        max-height: 800px;
        min-height: 800px;


  2. On 14.06.2016 at 1:16 AM, Chris Bell said:

    yet I only now come forward and express how I’m unhappy with it

    Please, stop being unhappy. People are being killed everyday. Even children. So, your problems are insignificant. :smile:


    On 14.06.2016 at 0:24 AM, Lindy said:

    Hope all is well, Chris. 



  3. This is my personal experience since 2012. It is related mostly to the last new version 4 of the Invision Power Suite. It is showing the product's advantages and disadvantages from my personal point of view. It may be helpful to those who are considering to build their own site and is on the stage of choosing the site engine/platform.

    Advantages of Invision Power Suite 4

    1. Low licence price for the self-hosted sites = 465 USD for all products.
    2. You may select components during the first purchase and during the next licence renewal.
    3. The first year licence is included into the initial purchase price.
    4. After 1 year you may renew your licence to continue to get personal support, to download upgrades and to use some other cloud features (spam control, etc.).
    5. You may still use the product if your licence is not renewed.
    6. Quick and good personal support in case you have some problems with the software wich is connected with the software bugs.
    7. Company staff and bosses are patient towards your poblems on the good level of patience.
    8. Renewal licence price is not very big and still you may select components you want to upgrade every 6 months:


    9. Big comunity providing a lot of bugs on the bug tracker which are quickly addressed by the staff. So, you may be sure that the real bug will be improved.
    10. Bugs are addressed quickly. Critical bugs are addressed and patched within 1-4 days. General bugs are addressed within 1-90 days (generally 15-30 days). Pursonal problems wich do not allow you to use the product normally (data base issues, some other urgent bugs) may be addressed and patched via support requests within 1-3 days personally without additional payment.
    11. The software is easy to install from the box if you are using the self-hosted sites. You need to now the basic things only: how to upload files via FTP, how to set the database on your server, how to run installer from your browser using the http link. There is no need to know any php rules or to be the coder.
    12. You may select themes for your site and other additional plugins (free/paid) on the Marketplace
    13. Advanced system of customizable templates devided per application in the admin control panel. So, if you know something about html coding it will be easy to ajust for your needs. There is also the system of placing the widgets on the public side by the easy drag and drop system
    14. It is language abstracted. You may find language packs on the Marketplace.
    15. There is posibility to upgrade from the previous versions of software to the up to date versions without loose of your data. There is also support for this.

    Disadvantages of Invision Power Suite 4

    1. It is still the Forums oriented software disregarding that this application is not obligatory to purchase in the last version 4 of the software (it was disconnect from the Core). Most of plugins are created for Forums on the Marketplace and it is the central idea in the software development by the company yet. It may be clearly seen that the Forums licence cost and the licence renewal cost are bigger.
    2. Low number of products on the Marketplace. So if you want to create the advanced shop, it may be difficult. But it is still possible. Most plugins are for the Forums.
    3. The cloud prices are still high.


    Overall rate: 4.5 (out of 5)

    Overall conclusion:  It is the best solution if you tired to pay hundreds dollars for the coders to improve or develop the easiest and general things for your site. Here you have the resonable price, big community and the company directors's personal protection to not be cheated by the coders. So, if you need quicly developing, normal price solution then it is for you. But still you need to have patience to ajust this for your personal needs. But it is becoming more and more easy every year.

  4. 1 hour ago, IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter said:

    I'm quite sure that "small audience handbrake" was the original intention of @RPG-support.

    I wanted to purchase Mazda 6 as said above. But the IP company is not allowing indirectly to do this. They are not including the secret mark into their code to catch and ban some known customers/Marketplace_developers who are nulling and distrubuting their software for free. Instead there is the entrance fee to the Marketplace for the developers and strong opinion that if there is no licence and you are developing for the IP Suite then you are the pirate. But if to speak in general then you are right.

    1 hour ago, IPBWI.com Matthias Reuter said:

    I've reviewed the translation packages he is offering and I understand these high prices for the qualitiy he offers. Just imagine the audience would be 10-100 times bigger, the prices for addons could be reduced by half for sure with same or even higher quality.

    Thank you man. I am shaking your hand.

  5. 3 minutes ago, CalvinK said:

    I am also yet to hear a valid reason why I and others, as paying customers, should be expected to subsidise a freeloading developer who wants to profit from IPS without making the initial investment by buying the licence in the first place.

    The reason was provided by the boss above: some developer licence will be introduced after some time. It will not be costly as the user licence.

  6. 11 minutes ago, CalvinK said:

    Quoting figures is worthless without an indication of the quality of the plugin.

    We can not even know what is the quality of the plugins on the Marketplace. The recent topic is proving this.

    4 minutes ago, CalvinK said:

    People aren't choosing to use PHPBB or other free software because of the plugins. They are using it simply because it is free.

    This argument is in favour of the poor. It does not have any serious ground. Just making the air moving from pronouncing the words.

  7. 4 minutes ago, The Dark Wizard said:

    IPS is not an open source/free platform.

    And? Why when I am telling about the number of plugins then there is at least 1 man per hour who will write about the open/non-open source? The whole topic is about that it should be done something to attract the developers. And then you come and tell that nothing probably should be changed because more devs will produce more bad code. Are you serious?!

  8. 18 hours ago, The Dark Wizard said:

    All this does is create the potential for bad devs to place something on the market place that can include malicious coding. 


    I was always surprised with the number of plugins created for other platforms.



    Plugins extend and expand the functionality of WordPress. 45,103 plugins with 1,301,424,337 total downloads are at your fingertips.


  9. 12 minutes ago, Ryan H. said:

    I don't see why opening the marketplace up to all is necessary for that goal.

    This is the good question, man. Because when you have 500 products in the store then nobody is interested in purchasing new licences and create the site on the basis of this engine. Less people are interested in the engine = less developers are interested to join the mission. Finally you need to open something (if not all) to see if something will change. Otherwise we will continue to use the Forum because the number of mods for the Store is very limited. They are still considering the Forum as the locomotive of their business. 

  10. I think that there is misunderstading of the real situation. Entrance fee is only helpful for developers who do not want competition. Most customers will continue to renew the licence since they want security updates and personal support. So, Marketplace may be the entrance-free area for all. 

    But if you'll look at the list of products on the Marketplace, you will see that this list is not very big. We are lucking good products more and more. The time of the homogeneous sites is over. I think that the company understands this. That is why they made Forum independent from the Core in the last release. This is the time to open the doors to the developers from the outside and make the new policy: licencing + opensorce (some kind of the mix). I will hardly accept that the pirates are stopped from copying the software at present. So, better think about new mods, applications for your own sites. Stop care about pirates. :unsure:

  11. 5 hours ago, The Jimmo said:

    IMO, most of these that you listed are cons.

    Because you are the contributor/developer :lol: (not the buyer) or you do not like the open competition. 

    2 hours ago, tAPir said:

    Next thing you'll be saying is people who write themes should get a free licence.

    All developers should have the free developer licence allowing to use the software on the local system without the internet site. Pirates will always find the copy of the software. But the developers will not use the pirated software and will not develop for this suite anything in case the entrance fee will continue to exist.

  12. 4 hours ago, Morrigan said:

    So points made here (just because I like lists)


    • Piracy and Warez
    • No way to police the use of "dev" copies. 
    • Not open source (and therefore not anything like android just an FYI)
    • Current developers will de-list and not provide products
    • Flood of low support, minimal quality mods from developers only partly invested in learning the framework.


    • More developers
    • (possibly) More mods/plugins

    Not trying to be another negative voice but the cons outweigh the pros (that have been provided by you and others).


    • Piracy and Warez (this is going on now and does not depend on the licensing)
    • No way to police the use of "dev" copies. (?! this is the same as the general licensing)
    • Not open source (and therefore not anything like android just an FYI)
    • Current developers will de-list and not provide products (the strongest survives)
    • Flood of low support, minimal quality mods from developers only partly invested in learning the framework. (let the market decide which product will be purchased)


    • More developers (they do not need to pay the entrance fee)
    • (sure) More mods/plugins
    • More buyers (they do not need to pay the entrance fee)
    • The prices are cheaper (developers do not need to pay the entrance fee + healthy competition)
    • The competition is higher = the quality is higher = developers' arrogance is lower. (This is my personal problem with all devs I met)
    • Marketplace becomes more buyers oriented (it is company and developers oriented right now).
    • Warez sites are deprived of profit they take now from the users who want to purchase the mods but do not have the licence. (Most warez sites owners and submitters are the licenced customers on the Markeplace).
    • Increase in turnover (commodity circulation) and => total number of customers.



  13. 18 minutes ago, Aiwa said:

    How would these non license holders update their mods to work with the latest version without access to said latest version?

    Let then download for the development purpose without the right to have the public Internet site. In any case pirates are already using the software.

    18 minutes ago, Aiwa said:

    No, people are pirates as soon as they use a paid product without paying for it. 

    This is out of the normal attitude to the people. There are courts who may say this.



    I am feeling myself a little bit in the middle of the encirclement here. It is difficult to make the fresh wind by the hands of one man.

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