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    Some posts weren't converted when we upgraded to 4.0 a year ago. For example: Note that those posts come from a PhpBB -> IPB 3.4 conversion, as we've used them back then.
  2. Setsumi


    Is there any way to convert older BBCode (like [/img]) to HTML such as <img class='ipsImage' src='x'>? I know this might've been asked million of times, but still... I would rather search for a better answer than modifying the DB itself (my first approach).
  3. Is there any way to remove the "- Site Name" from the page title? Instead of this: <title>This is a Post - Site Name</title> I would rather it be: <title>This is a Post</title> This is because the favicon already identifies the site, making the title more clear and less redundant. It has also been becoming a thing on popular social networks. I know this may seem like a superficial change, but I couldn't make it with templates.
  4. At first I read this as: "We would love to hear you, but we (the staff) don't have time for you, yet", then I realized it actually meant "Tell us what you like to do, but you haven't got time for it yet". The first phrase would sum up my life pretty well.
  5. Setsumi

    New: Clubs

    Will this be paid or free?
  6. I'm using a custom 4.1 theme. With the refreshed theme, will my previous version be compatible, or i'll need to re-do the entire theme?
  7. I've moved my community to an HTTPS domain with a Cloudflare certificate. Now, when browsing any area of the community where users use avatars with this: (Sync with Twitter) It serves the avatar from http://pbs.twimg.com/ instead of https://pbs.twimg.com/. This causes the page to be flagged as "Insecure", even when the image is not seen anywhere else than a hovercard code. Is there any way to change this?
  8. Nevermind, I accidentally found more documentation on this.
  9. How long will it take to be completed?
  10. I just downloaded and installed RC7a tonight! Yay.
  11. I kind of miss the immediacy of IPB 3 options. I ran through a good couple of problems and months to finally understand how to deal with Background Processes. For example, merging a member in IPS4 is not as fast as IPB 3.4, neither is the forum handling. They don't take long to complete, but is not that quick either. Also, have a good beer if you don't have enough users, or just don't feel like setting up a cron job.
  12. Yes, I've checked again and it's back. Maybe it's a case of developers testing/moving some files, and me being just too paranoid. :P
  13. I can't find the option to download the IPS4 Beta 4b on the Clients Area. Was it moved o removed?
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