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  1. I confirm the issue. Syncs all users. (IPB4.3)
  2. Hello I'm using version 1.3 and I have a problem with the length of queries. The category is 170 entries and generation time (list items) is about 3-5 seconds. (other questions on the forum are under 0.5s) Slowlog in mysql server (using VPS 2GHz, 1GB Ram, 15k SAS Drive) # Time: 130401 17:04:17 # User@Host: root[root] @ localhost [] # Query_time: 6.292930 Lock_time: 0.000145 Rows_sent: 10 Rows_examined: 884984 use table_1; SET timestamp=1364828657; SELECT gl.*,gi.*,r.rate_id, avg(r.rating) as item_rating,cf.* FROM ipb_collections_items gl LEFT JOIN ipb_collections_images gi ON ( gl.default_image=gi.image_id ) LEFT JOIN ipb_collections_rating r ON ( gl.id=r.rate_item_id ) LEFT JOIN ipb_collections_fields_user cf ON ( cf.value_item_id=gl.id ) WHERE cid=4 GROUP BY gl.id ORDER BY date_added desc LIMIT 10,10;
  3. Yes, of course. directory: (MT33)Gallery_Recent_Images_Block_Sidebar file: feed__gallery_images_1330241672.xml Strangely ... Can you give the screenshot Content / Block Templates? Thanks!
  4. Hello After upload .xml files i get information in green border 0 block template(s) imported successfully. Why ? :) ps: Content 2.3/Board 3.3/Gallery 4.2.1
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