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  1. Bump. This needs to be included in the suite. Just upgraded to 4.0 recently and couldn't believe that specific tags couldn't be set on a per-forum basis.
  2. Month in Review - August 2015

    When IPS 4 was released I could barely contain my excitement. About 5 minutes before I planned to renew my old license, I saw that Lindy posted about an upcoming renewal promotion. I thought to myself "Just hold it together a few more days and you'll get dat der software at a sweet discount!!1one". Hours turned to days. Days turned to weeks. There was no sign of the promotion. I developed an aversion to sunlight and an intermittent twitch in my mouse hand. My days were spent stalking Lindy's profile with my F5 button, hoping for a post with any mention of that 5% coupon. As IPS business hours concluded, a cold sweat would overtake me as I visited the community for the last time of the day. My impatience slowly turned into concern, and eventually... Fear. Had I missed the promotion? Had something happened to Lindy, then benevolent God of software coupons? I ran to my computer chair so fast that I twirled around two full times when I jumped in it. I loaded up the IPS community and posted an inquiry. I hoped for the best, but expected the worst. Hours turned to days. Days turned to weeks. There was no response, but I still held a sliver of hope. I posted a second inquiry on the company blog, again expecting the worst. Nothing again. All was lost. And then, I saw it... But it was not meant to be, for I had given in to my urges and renewed not 10 hours prior.
  3. Month in Review - July 2015

    I'm glad to see that so many bugs are getting squashed. Is the renewal promotion still happening?
  4. Is this still upcoming, or did I miss it?
  5. -=[ IPS4 Chill Pill ]=-

    I can assure you that literally no one purchased a license to "test IPS4." Nor did anyone renew for $25-$105 to "volunteer" as a beta tester. Everyone who bought a license early did so because they wanted to finally get started on development after 18 months of delays. If there are bugs standing in the way of that, I'm not going to be the one that tells them how they should feel about it.
  6. The new forumindex....

    The concept is fine, and I never complain about options (though it should definitely not be default). However, portions of it are honestly pretty poorly done right now. The sub-forum formatting needs work; comma spacing is blatantly wrong (how did this ever get past the first preview...?). Line breaks after every iteration would probably look better at most widths as well.
  7. The Wide Blue Line

    Posts coming after the blue line are new ones that you have not read.
  8. Buy now, free update to 4.0.0?

    ​They did state it would be released in 2014, so... Then again I did notice that long-pinned announcement has recently disappeared.
  9. Get Ready For IPS 4.0!

    http://community.invisionpower.com/forum-1/announcement-30-what-new-in-ips-community-suite-40/ A bit behind? Literally a year behind and we don't even have blog previews for half the suite. Also, is that announcement title supposed to be "What's (...)"?
  10. Editor Feedback

    I personally don't understand all of this love for BB code. I'm for dropping it sooner rather than later and completely switching to CKEditor (html) as it was meant to be. Yes, there is going to be difficulty in converting old posts, but honestly this is going to happen one way or another eventually. Putting it off is just going to result in more skewed content down the road. A more standard implementation of CKEditor would solve literally every functionality complaint I've ever had; many of the features that are hacked out of the current editor (tables, image wrapping, etc) are absolutely necessary for high-quality content creation, especially in IP Content. The people who are really pro-BBcode editing, from what I've seen, primarily use it to troubleshoot current shortcomings in the RTE. They're experienced users who probably know HTML or can at least apply the same concepts. Editing CKE's HTML source, <i> instead of , isn't going to slow them down. Not to mention they'll probably have fewer things to "fix" without all of the conversions happening in the background. I may be wrong, but it seems like a lot of the demand for a return of the old BBCode editing mode stems from issues that wouldn't exist with vanilla CKE. As administrators we should be asking "What's best for my users?" The vast majority of average users don't use BBCode at all. I'd rather supply a fully featured, bug-free WYSIWYG instead of adding development time to an antiquated, non-standardized mark up. tl;dr or if none of the above is practical, my main issue with the current editor, as it stands, is the severe limitations on features already included in CKE. I shouldn't need a mod to wrap text around images in something like Content that's supposed to hold articles.
  11. IP.Board 3.4 Dev Update: Anti-spam Enhancements

    It's good that there's an alternative to reCaptcha now, but I'm not a huge fan of Captchas in general. I'd personally like the see the ability for the Question & Answer challenge to be applied to guest posting as well as registrations. "What color is the blue alligator" and the like all but stop spammer registrations on my board.
  12. That is pretty much reason enough not to completely abolish it. I'm not going to go drudge through my history and fetch examples as you've already admitted it happens. You don't have to believe that it occurs frequently, but it has happened to me several times today (granted I'm a power Google user) and I'm willing to bet others have had similar experiences. Generally it's going to appear when you're searching for something more specific than the example phrases you provided. Phrases with lower traffic, possibly, but if you're beating out Yahoo Answers and Apple's own forum/site for common Iphone queries you probably don't have much to worry about with SEO anyways. Should page 1 get more "juice" than the following pages? Yes. Should only page 1 be indexed? No, not in my opinion. Several of your other suggestions are great and they could help, but I have to disagree there. Things that can be agreed upon (for the most part)...Despite being superior in many areas, IPB is lagging behind competitors in SEO (at the very least in some areas of it). None of us really know why, and although we can have threads like this guessing at the issues... I don't think anything less than a consultation with some Google engineer writing the algorithm is going to answer anything definitely.
  13. I Google a question and am led to page 23 of some forum thread with an answer several times daily. Making guests sift through that many pages from the OP is going to help usability? Bounce rates on forums are high as it is, people aren't going to sort through 30 pages when 2 is probably about all even the most patient will sit through.
  14. New License Structure

    As a client, I don't know if I'm too big of a fan of the new licensing structure. I don't want to pay for renewals for certain applications until they get a large enough update to the extent that I feel purchasing the upgrade ability is worth it. For example, if IP.Board gets a significant update/improvement I'll likely renew my license for that application. However, other applications may not see any significant changes (in my eyes) before that license renewal expires. Staggering time periods takes the load off of rather high renewal fees ($210/y?) and also eliminates the necessity to pay for an unneeded active license. Of course, I may have interpreted everything incorrectly. There appears to be quite a bit of confusion in this thread, and I don't think the announcement did much in explaining it. With that said, I am looking forward to the new community suite system. :smile:
  15. BBCode table - WYSIWYG

    There's a mod that does this: . I agree it should be incorporated into Content at least. Content also needs to ability to align images and such on the left or right so you can wrap around text, but that's something for another thread.