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  1. IP.Content

    It's been well worth it to me. Every bit of members data you need is right there in every page you create from within IP content. It's already loaded, ready to work with, and any available data for guests is there as well. That includes any custom profile fields you create from within the IPBoard admin panel. Easy to create a login block for the forum on any page, as well as a feed of your forums, your blog, or anything that generates rss feeds via a wizard. Any data transmitted via forms is sanitized exactly as it is in the forums if you retrieve it via $this->request If you can code and take the time to research, you can access many other functions of IPBoard from within your Content pages as well. You can make the rest of your site just as dynamic and interactive as the forum, if you choose. Even if all you want is a front page portal for your forum, having all that data at your fingertips and the ability to display it with a few clicks through the wizard can make that portal a lot more interesting.
  2. IP.Content quesiton

    Any page created within IP content automatically loads the majority of member information. That includes useful things like the member group and permissions, which you can utilize to customize pages and easily recognize people viewing as guests. All the sort of data that you're looking to display is also in there. If you create custom profile settings, these can also be accessed and utilized. Everything is contained within: $this->memberData Pages created in this way aren't at all locked into the forum styles. Unless you tick the box for "Use Wrapper", you'll be using your own templates. If you set up mod rewrite ( instructions are provided within the tools folder of IP Content ) then visitors can access these pages by friendly URLs such as www.example.com/services and not have any evidence from the user side that the forum software is involved at all ( beyond the information you display, of course ) Going this way, you have all the data you requested ( and more ) plus you can easily access anything from within IPboard if you need to. Forms on an IPContent page, for example, automatically pass through IPboard's cleaning ( available in $this->request after submitted ) Just something to consider. If all you ever want to do is display the specific information you mentioned, the MT's solution will take care of that. The default welcome block displays pretty much anything there is to do with your forum. You can then use the data loaded to display as you please within your page. I personally stripped it down in most places to nothing more than a "Logged in as" link.
  3. Modification Support

    IBProArcade has been in a state of flux for some time. One of the main developers moved on from modding, and he was also the most accessible of the team as far as support went. He was also one of the two original developers on ProBattle, and that's why that mod has never really made the leap beyond 2.x boards. Not even sure who's involved in either project any more.