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[paid] Updating calls to forum functions from page blocks

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I just upgraded from 3.x to the latest version, and I simply don't have the time to do the research necessary to update my page blocks.  What I need is someone to go through a few example blocks, and provide me with the new 4.x functions that perform the same task.  It's mainly reading/writing the database and some member/admin validation functions, taking advantage of the security functions attached to them rather than coding all of that myself.  ( I didn't have a whole lot of time when I was first coding, and I'm a self-taught amateur )

Price negotiable.  Payment via PayPal is something I could do immediately.  Other methods would require engaging the services, so I prefer to use what I already have, but it's not out of the question to use a different payment method.

There are a few of my backend functions that are bare bones, unintuitive "that'll do" type things that I would love to upgrade to point and click, so a good working relationship could lead to more commissions.  An example would be sorting lists by clicking up/down arrows instead of manually resorting a comma separated list.

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