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  1. %7Boption%7D

    File Name: Red-N-Blues_V1

    File Submitter: Dmacleo

    File Submitted: 22 Mar 2011

    File Category: Color Change Skins

    Supported Versions: IP.Board 3.1.x

    This is my first skin so I have stayed with the default IP icons/buttons on this version. This is a semi-bright red and blue theme based on default IPBoard skin with slightly larger font and the quick reply moved up and expanded.

    Its built on IP 3.14 with gallery 4.02, IP Content 2.12, Ip Blog 2.3.2, and IP Download 2.3.1 .

    its free to use and modify, as I get more experienced I will tweak it.

    hope someone likes it %7Boption%7D

    here to download this file

  2. have a small problem, when I click tab on front end (I am admin) nothing happens. go through ACP backside and it works perfect.
    any thoughts?
    by nothing I mean just that, nothing.

    I suspect it may be related to (RedHook) Modify Your Mainmenu 1.0.2 being installed, that was only one I could find that allowed drop downs in top menu.
    I disabled that hook but did not affect it, should I totally remove it? really need to avoid that if possible.

  3. a quick question please, does this augment ip gallery or is it more for boards without galley installed?
    I see benefits to it even on a gallery system but want to make sure there are no interaction issues.

    thank you.

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