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  1. If this is the wrong forum to post my question, I apologize. I'd just like to know how would one delete their notifications from their notifications list? I clicked to "View all notifications", but I can't seem to find anywhere to delete the list. Appreciate any help. By the way, does the editor have a "Preview Post" button? If so, where is it? If not, never mind lol
  2. HellaWicked

    Ribbon Ranks (MR)

    These actually look pretty nice. We're already using custom one's on our board. If not, I would've given these a try. :thumbsup:
  3. HellaWicked

    Embed Tweets

    We're using 3.4.5 and when I use Chrome, I just follow the the way I suggested in an earlier post in this same thread. Seems to continue to work well for us that way without any issues. Not sure what board version you're using though.
  4. HellaWicked

    Sports Standings

    Thanks on the update on this -RAW-. No rush on my part. I'll probably get this for next season. Hope you feel better soon.
  5. HellaWicked

    Fake a few members on new boards

    In our case it was different. I already had the Forum members and we just joined forces with a very popular site and the members just went along with it. However, I don't see any true harm is using this method on a short temporary basis. As long as you provide your REAL members with consistent, current content, nobody will know and doesn't need to know that you're using "fake members" as a start-up strategy. At the same time, I also believe that it will eventually become somewhat tiresome for the Owner/Admin and um...shall I say...pathetic to continue to do this even after you start accumulating daily active members. Perhaps for every few new active members you "inactivate" one of your "fake" members and so on until your left with only real members and then you take it from there. Just my two cents on the subject. :thumbsup:
  6. HellaWicked

    Sports Standings

    Sorry, but I already registered at too many forums simply to look at how their Apps look like. Not sure if that's good business on your part, but it's your site.
  7. HellaWicked

    Sports Standings

    That's a shame. I like to see things live before actually purchasing them.
  8. HellaWicked

    Sports Standings

    Great idea, since we have a basketball (Lakers) related site/forum. However, when I click the 'Demo' link I can't seem to locate it. Where is this app located on your demo site? I would like to see it fully working before considering purchasing it. Thanks
  9. HellaWicked

    4.0 Better Skin Control

    Great idea jackflash! :thumbsup: That way we wouldn't have to be adding extra hooks/apps to perform such tasks. Awesome news Mark!
  10. HellaWicked

    4.0 - Introducing the new AdminCP

    Looks awesome and promising. I also see that there's no awkward, crazy fire pink either. Now that's a plus as well.
  11. You could set your board to NOT allow members to change their usernames. If they wish to change it, they can contact you and you can then check the ACP to make sure it's not an old banned members name.
  12. HellaWicked


    Looks nice, but what about a YouTube Icon?
  13. HellaWicked

    Social Links

    Time to UnFollow this thread since it's not getting anymore support replies from its developer.
  14. HellaWicked

    (NB34) Hot Topics

    Great, worked perfectly. Thanks again newbie LAC. :thumbsup: