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  1. Right now, all I see is a way to turn Signatures ON or OFF. I'd like to have them on, but not allow images. I'd also like to restrict their length. Where can I access those setting, please? TIA
  2. Is it possible to change the label or term of the BANNED status of members. Can I change ours to say "RETIRED" instead? Thanks!
  3. @Ehren Well, the absolute positioning code was very helpful. So, thank you!
  4. @Ehren Thanks for your reply! I'm trying it now... but another problem is that now the User Nav collapses to the "hamburger" menu too soon. I mean, the page isn't even that narrow, and it's already collapsing. And I've no idea where to edit that. Can you advise? Thanks in advance!
  5. Before updating, the header icons (Create, Notifs, User, etc.) floated above my large banner image. I had the same problem of a tiny banner image after updating. Adding to Custom CSS makes the image larger now, BUT it's putting the row of header icons to the right edge of the image -- instead of on top of, or even underneath -- and it looks really dumb. Is there a way to simply have a full-width or contained large image, with the header icons beneath it? Or on top? Thanks!
  6. I appreciate you passing it on to see if we can expand options going forward. Since our forum is specifically made up of high school students, it would be great if the "middle-finger" option weren't put in front of them every time they try to add an emoji since it doesn't express the kind of encouraging/supportive vibe we're after. ? In the future, if there were some way to "turn off" certain ones, or maybe more simply to have an additional "safe set" or "student set" that didn't include derogatory images, that would be great. Thanks for your consideration!
  7. Ah. Okay, hopefully so. Thanks for your reply!
  8. Okay, found it: It wasn't under the Permissions icon, but under the Social tab via the Edit (pencil) icon. Members > Groups > Members > "Edit" icon > "Social" tab ... in case that helps someone else.
    Great feature! Many thanks!
  9. In v4 upgrade, I see no Members Listing page. How can forum members view a listing of all members? And how can I add that as a tab in the Nav bar? Thanks!
  10. As an admin, I can add/change members' cover photos. But I cannot find how to allow Members to add their cover photos themselves. Can someone please advise? Thanks in advance!
    Seems like this feature should not have been removed in the first place. But thanks to this developer for the add-on! Purchased it, and works great! Recommended!
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