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  1. I would like to see official language packages as well. I can understand that it is a problem for a company to support languages none of the employees speaks and that external translators cost money. But I'm using IP.Board for a german community and there are still a lot of people out there who don't speak english or prefer to use their native language. The community here does a great job in translating IP.Board, but they are doing it in their spare time and sometimes it takes a lot of time until the software is translated. At the moment there is only one german language package for IP.Board and there are no translations for addons like IP.Blog or IP.Content. So now I have to translate it myself (which is very timeconsuming). So I would prefer to have official language packages right from the first day an application is published. Maybe you guys from IPS can come up with a solution for this problem. But I will stick with IP.Board nonetheless.
  2. I like this suggestion. Abuse could possibly be avoided by implenting an option to allow a change of the vote within a certain timelimit only. - similar to the Edit time restriction (in minutes)?
  3. I support this request. It's just too confusing (for me and my members) to have two different pictures represent one person. I hope in the (near) future it will be possible to get rid of one of the two and just use one picture across the whole board/all applications.
  4. You're right that it isn't a big deal, Wolfie. But for me clicking a button to make it slide out or clicking a button to get redirected to a login page isn't much of a difference. If those fields to enter your user name and password were visible right away users wouldn't have to look around as much to find the place where they have to login. At least that is my opinion. Once a user knows where he has to login it's not that much of an issue anymore - but it would be more comfortable to not have to make that extra click nevertheless :)
  5. I'd like to be able to login without being redirected to a login page. The slide quick login looks interesting, but I don't want to have to click to make it slide. I want to be able to type in my login name and password without having to click around. But I can understand that it's hard to incorporate all the different login methods. Maybe IPS can come up with a solution nevertheless. If not I'll be able to live without it though :)
  6. Would be great. Maybe it can be done already with some small edits via ACP. If I don't forget I will look into it this evening (GMT +1 timezone that is).
  7. That's great :) Keep up the good work. Looking forward to use this on my site. In the meantime I'll stick to the good old databases :)
  8. Your idea sounds interesting. I would like to see something like this. But I don't know if the demand for something like this is high enough to make it worthwhile for IPS to develop it. They would have to invest manpower, time and money into this and at the same time they should invest into the other IP.Products as well. At the end it's their decision which products they want to make. But IPS seems to be one of the few companies that actually listen to input and suggestions from users and think about it.
  9. It would be very nice to have the collapsible sidebar not only at the board index, but also wenn viewing sub-forums or threads.
  10. Don't know if it has been suggested already, but it would come in handy if it were possible to add links to the primary navigation without having to mess around with templates. Tabs should be marked as active when linking to a page created with IP.Content that uses the IPB wrapper. Also a vertical drop-down menu would be great.
  11. When you click at the forum tab in the navigation and browse to the bottom right on top of the "Users online" box there is a small link called Today's active content. It shows topics that have been active. The link brings you to
  12. Looks good. Can't wait to get my hands on it :)
  13. Thank you for this fantastic guide. I know how much effort and time it takes to make a good tutorial that actually helps anyone. And your tutorial is definitely a very good one and will make life easier for many people - including me :) +1 rep
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