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  1. Workings fine for me on latest developer beta for 13.1 - What version are you using?
  2. Is their anyway to load more activity based on scrolling rather then clicking?
  3. @Matt - I think my last update reminder. Based on your avoidance, I think their is no way out and I guess it would require more time? Is it possible to add option in next release at least? I think many will benefit! Thank you
  4. How can i change this URL https://fearless-assassins.com/articles.html/members-wiki/ to https://fearless-assassins.com/members-wiki/ Can someone please help?
  5. Was the issues fixed? I need something good to print to PDF or html page for archive purpose. Thank you
  6. AlexJ

    Night Mode Theme

    @Bluto @day_ - how to fix this button? Any corresponding option for it?
  7. AlexJ

    Night Mode Theme

    How did you fix the editor issue? My editor is all white and fonts are white as well..
  8. @Matt - You are busy guy, so I need to follow up like weekly windows update reminder hehe
  9. Can we do it for downloads? OR You mean wait till IPS adds similar option for Download?
  10. 2019! This is much required. Even Apple or any good website will have more filter option so that users can filter out search fast! Example - My website has this custom options for 1 category Maps - but sadly - it's of no use at all for end user because they CANNOT search using it. It's like i have data through which users can search for what they want easily.. but none of that will work because after 3 years this functionality is not implemented! Please do something about this.
  11. I believe he removed the discount 🙂 I am still waiting for a way so that 1 team can challenge another available team and no limits on team. So continuous challenges keep running.l
  12. Did you posted plugin or instructions somewhere? Sorry just following up @Matt PS Deadly awaiting to use it. 🍻
  13. My use case is to have one user account per phone. This way I can avoid users from creating multiple accounts so that they can't spam / troll with multiple accounts. But i think your suggestion will work too i.e. they need to enable 2FA before posting and hence indirectly achieve above use case.
  14. Is it possible to have something like phone based validation? i.e. user needs to provide the number to register and they get verified through email + phone voice or text one time pass code? or Any similar add-on?
  15. One little problem with that idea - If I am new to any site, registering to get some help or ask any Q, I wouldn't like to donate upfront. Once I notice members and community are nice, I would be more willing to donate to keep that site going. So registration flow will not help much but that's just my limited guess. I also try to keep registration as simple as possible. Email / password and/or 3rd party logins and we get the new user.
  16. It was always their Goal i.e. to make Discord popular and then go by their rules. 🙂 It would be similar to Steam but much better.
  17. @Matt Your help is appreciated whenever you get some time to help us. 🙂
  18. Sorry for bumping old topic but is their any reason to use Dynamic over Compressed? I need to convert couple of tables from MyISAM to InnoDB. I am not sure why upgrader didn't convert tables to InnoDB while it converted other tables.
  19. This! My iOS 13 requires dark theme for IPS as well :D
  20. Both suggestions i.e. plugin and theme edit - are out of my reach! Can I please borrow 10 mins of your time and possibly you can share how to do it? OR May be create little plugin for us :) Thank you!
  21. That 'Submit a feature request' translation can i use it on category basis? Ex - Category A - has it translated to 'Feature Request' and Category B as 'Ask Question' Thank you
  22. Well I faced another issue - 'Critical' option is removed in tickets i.e. I only used it once or twice in last 5 years, may be. I think, I am going to stay far away from all beta's and even not bother updating till next 3 weeks after release to make sure, I don't get penalize for any bugs/defects in the release. I wish you guys would add 'Critical' option for oldies who actually use it when their websites are down - during upgrade, defects/bugs, etc. I am going to stay far away so that, I minimize my chances to face those pesky defects. :)
  23. 1. Tutorial or Articles - Everyone needs help. Creating tutorials on your website brings users but doesn't add much interaction. Then the new enhancement from IPS kicks in. I am just going to quote you @Joel R - 2. Log-in - Make it fast and more user friendly. Add all available logins ex. Twitter, FB, Discord, etc etc. Time is important and everyone hates filling Govt. forms. :P 3. Target advertising or follow ups - Can't wait IPS to add Bulk emails/PM's which supports Custom Field. Don't spam users with generic emails. Everyone hates it and it would be soon marked as spam by user! Ex - If player is not playing RPG games - don't send RPG games email. Use custom field which they have selected i.e. FPS to send him FPS games update. I can't wait for new enhancements on it! @Matt Use custom fields to show their profile completion progress, Registration should be email/password and validation. 4. Themes - Provide light and dark theme at least. Even now mobile OS provides - light and dark theme so that user can use what they like. I just wish Themes would be available to select through drop down menu rather then all the way in bottom!
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