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    Magnum Theme

    Had to change from a theme not supported anymore and skin it to my taste. Magnum was the best choice I though and will take less time to alter than other themes. I was right! Many options, good css. Had one small issue, nothing big, and the author did understand is fast and corrected it. Great so far. Hopefully it will be working for 4.4. in the future! (Would like to see the sliders individually having option of "Where to show" and "Exclude on". As of now this setting is the same for all sliders. But I can live without it ...)
  2. Probabaly it would be possible to hide breadcrumbs on cms-pages using data-pageapp="cms" and .ipsBreadcrumb Any pointes how to do that? Took a chance and it works , seems to work with … [data-pageapp="cms"] .ipsBreadcrumb { display: none; } Hope it is the best way.
  3. Thnak you. I have probably some issue with file permissions, when I moved the files.
  4. Changed the $INFO['board_url']. Checked. But will try again.
  5. Thanks, but the htaccess don't have any URLs to change. No htaccess files in the admin-directory.
  6. Made a copy of IPS forum and moved the copy to another domain (official test domain according to the license). Live site: domain1.com Dev site: domain2.com I changes the domain in the conf_global.php file. Stil when I go to domain2.com or domain2.com/admin/ it redirects me to the "live"-url domain1.com or domain1.com/admin/ What did I forget?
  7. Ok, so basically no …. :( Thank you.
  8. Anybody know if the older version of 4.1.xx , if that will run on latest php 7.2 or 7.3?
  9. Ok, no problem. Thank you anyway. Seems lite this application is useless for me ....
  10. Do you Think it is possible to use JS to call for the function wo it is on load changed to "All Time"?
  11. Ok, so the whole plugin/application is based on that "Week" is default?
  12. Dear The Jimmo, Great plugin. I wanted to ask if I can make the tab "All Time" as standard insted of "Week". I guess I could change something within the <li>-parts: <li> .....{lang="alltime"}</a> </li> <li> .......{lang="year"}</a> </li> <li> ........{lang="month"}</a> </li> <li> .........{lang="week"}</a> </li> Any tip or idea?
  13. Recent Topics - great plugin. Works fine, but I have one problem. I put in 15 topics to show, every 15 seconds. After 15 seconds amount of the topics are 5 and those are not the latest 5 ... did I understand the plugin in the wrong way?

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    2. marlin


      Do you also have the issue with loading/updating the rows?

    3. mdmx


      Hi guys, please be patient, we have a big order on the application. We do not have time. Soon, very soon you will get a working plug-ins and applications. Thank you for your patience.

    4. JohnCourt


      @marlin I purchased the Scroll up and Scroll down plugin, beautiful plugin, but the menu needs work.

  14. This is cruel of the staff to show us this ... now I will not be able to sleep until it has been released! :)
  15. I'm really impressed of the upcoming releases of the products. As for now, I'm glad I switched and have chosen IPS!
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