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  1. geohatz


    hello..without gallery doesn;t work on 4.3?
  2. @JohnDer thanks for help..i upload this file and clear cache .. to new topics code link is ok...although the problem exists to old topics with code..
  3. geohatz


    i set it as default and then i change forums tab via menu manager and it's ok now..thanks !
  4. geohatz


    Hello..thanks for this free app.. can you tell me how to set this app as index? i choose as default app but when i press forums it send me to portal again
  5. hello.. i go to edit block settings and i choose a categorie and then i go to Page lists and i put the url bellow.. then the other categories i had create before take the url i just put and all are destroyed after that ..what to do?
  6. Hello...when i change skin ..when someone press thanks to see hidden content it appears the whole topic again not only the links..what happens?
  7. Hello..when a member try to register coppa is appear...i have selected no use coppa but it is appear again.how to remove?
  8. i am going to Member Groups > Manage Member Groups and i have checked all...but nothing
  9. Hello..i would like all guests can view all topics of my forum but they can see only older topics (before 2-3 years ) .how can i fix it?
  10. geohatz


    We had some serious high load server problems and we hire Astrapi.He is a very kind person and high skills admin. He optimize Nginx, Mysql, ZendOpcache and Memcache and he did some kernel optimizations.Since then we never got even server load 1. Vps or dedicated doesn't matter he will do it ! We recommend him to everyone that need serious performance and security !
  11. geohatz


    it's ok now ... i have forgot to make portal as a home page
  12. geohatz


    Hello mike. i have installed this product but it doesn't work for me in both skins..what's the problem?
  13. i take this error when i go to upload an image file to a forum category System Error Can't move file.
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