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  1. Hey, I want to use this plugin for my forum. But I have some feature requests that I would love if you could add, I can pay you for it.
    1. A way to set the default maximum amount of members a club can have.
    2. A way for admins to set the maximum members specific clubs can have.

    So a default club can have for example 100 members maximum, but an admin can go in and set certain clubs to have 200.

    Would you be interested in doing it either officially for your plugin, or as a separate commissioned add-on?

  2. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    I have been trying to get IPB to work on my web server for a while, but it always has problems. Working on an update soon.
  3. Does anyone know which SQL table is used to determine if a user is validated or not?
  4. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    We usually wait for IPB to mature before porting plugins to new version. I will see what I can do.
  5. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    I will take a look into it when I can. @PirateCaptain
  6. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    The upload limit is something IPS has built-in. Resizing avatars, should not be a problem with the plugin. Why are you resizing them manually? You can resize them automatically in your board config.
  7. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    I will try to get it done this month, haven't been able to test locally on my own computer. Will set up a local test of IPB.
  8. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    The code is identical in both plugins, it should work for both the same way. But yeah I think the bug he is having is the display of the song?
  9. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    @EmpireKickass thanks, I will post this in the resource.
  10. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    You should of asked me to help instead of leaving a bad review. The theme should work with Villain theme, ask Ehren for support. He told me he fixed the themes, it is not my fault that it doesn't work. It would be like saying my car doesn't work, because I have no gas in it. I make the gas, the theme is the car. Ehren's fault it doesn't work with his custom theme or your fault for not using the latest version which has support and compatibility with the plugin. @Toubacos
  11. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    I can take a look, send me a PM with a way to trobuleshoot the plugin on your site.
  12. Please add where blocking a user also hides anything in the forum, such as their avatar in the last reply of a forum topic (make it show the previous reply.) Also, make the sidebar widgets hide their stuff as well, and remove them from the Activity feed. I do not want to see people I block there either.
  13. Facebook groups are cut and dry, they don't offer a lot of fancy features your website can offer. Your best bet is to make your own Facebook group and integrate the services your website offer into that said group. Don't try to fight the current, use the current to spread your community further.
  14. Ueda


    The forms does not work with upload function, pretty serious bug. It seems to only work with images, zip/rar/documents do not work. I would like to have a CHKEditor option as well.
  15. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    Overwrite the styling yourself in the theme. This is not from my hook.
  16. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    You have to edit the hook file and change the template, to the one you want. Replace this. 'type' => 'add_inside_start', With this. 'type' => 'add_after',
  17. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    It requires more work than I am willing to give at this time, I would have to provide you a separate hook and every time I update it I would have to give you a new one each time. If you would like to request a specific edit you can, with a setting but this is not something I think many people would like. You can ask for special edits for your own forum in PM.
  18. I ran into a problem with support, they refuse to forward my bug report to Tier II. They keep telling me it is my host, I have a strange bug with the new version of Invision Power Board, that makes redirects cause plugins to be unable to be installed in a Development Environment. This was not a problem in the past for me, even if my domain is forwarded with SSL plus a subdomain; they keep telling me that it is my host's problem when the site works fine except for one small part. If the codebase was the same throughout, this would not be a bug with the plugin installation. Not really sure what to do about this, I can't develop my plugins on a Development site if it won't let me install them.
  19. @Lindy I get what you are saying, but you need to have a QA tester who can run each major release on every instal platform server (MySQL, PHP, Windows, Linux, etc), or simply run a beta for each major release in the client area to test changes. Any time you add a new feature, no matter how big or small - you should make a beta for it. If the changes are very small no beta is required such as fixing bugs, but if you do anything major then a beta is a must. I believe Apple has beta version of their software they release to their customers early on, just like the OP said to let us run test servers and fix bugs; this is probably the best approach to solving these bugs. You shouldn't release new features when you go into 4.2x, until 4.3x. I don't know when you are going to stop adding features in 4.1.x. I generally like that you guys are pushing out updates, it is just how they are being pushed out that is the problem. The quality of Invision Power Board testing has been bad for a decade. Basically, without your clients reporting bugs, this software would be not usable in production environment. Just consider that and how it is a serious problem. I reported broken Announcements bug, which should of been tested thoroughly before releasing 4.1.12. The practices are not solid enough, in Invision Power Board 3 it was better actually; even if the software is better in 4. What I mean is, you guys didn't let big problems slip through the cracks as often. I agree that software companies make big mistakes, but website software is a different beast. Server related stuff should be tested more brutally than client software like iOS. Apple probably doesn't have good enough testers either, which I think they shouldn't have so many hotfixes as they do, but when we update iOS the 3rd party apps work in the newer versions just fine. Fixing a developer site shouldn't be done as OP said, but really should use these developer servers for logs and to see how it went wrong. The support team needs to realize, that a different version of software or OS, can really cause breakage (talking about some of the support - in my experience I have never had them deny a fix that I asked for if I explained it properly or change a bad design practice which I am grateful to how well you guys listen in this regard). This is common understanding of software development, you guys need to find the root cause of break on the server that is broken. If you find out the break is not caused by your software on the broken developer server, then don't bother to try to simulate the break on your end. All breaks should be taken seriously, it looks better in support and generally you have not much to lose in the process. You ensure more compatibility with server configurations and customers have better support experience.
  20. They either hire 1-2 dedicated testers or actually release stable updates periodically rather than pushing out updates so fast. I liked it at first, but it has to stop eventually. Either add good backward compatibility or push big updates out every 6 months with minor bug fixes, no new features every 2-3 weeks.
  21. They just need to hire testers and experienced debuggers. I asked in a ticket to help debug IPB. Honestly, IPS makes a lot of money and can afford to pay testers, and they should be doing this. Every release has bugs, and paying one tester can really fix these problems. Obviously, the programmer of IPB does not want to test that much since they are busy coding IPB. Testers allow the developers to focus more on the product and less on the bugs and issues it causes with existing plugins and themes. One issue that I really hate about this platform is the breaking, everything breaks and 3rd party developers have to constantly fix problems due to not having backward compatibility with updates.
  22. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    I will add this in the next version. For now, you have to edit the plugin yourself. Find this line. $song->maxSize = $this->group['g_max_bgimg_upload']; Replace it with the number you want. For example, $song->maxSize = 1024; 1024 = 1 MB roughly. As a side note, there's a bug with IPB 4.1.12 that causes the editing member group not to work. I am investigating this bug. I believe it is a bug with IPB 4.1.12 itself and nothing to do with incompatibility. Check the Release Notes for more details of
  23. I just want to thank you man for this, you upgraded your same plugin for IPB 4 and kept the old plugins for IPB 3. This is rare to see in authors. Good work like always. It has made me want to renew solely for this. I was unsure whether to use this, but this has made me want to.
  24. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    @ehren. has made this work with his skins in 4.1.12 onward, so it is safe to use this if plan to use his skins once 4.1.12 is released.
  25. Ueda

    Profile Songs

    @EmpireKickAss I can't support IPBFocus skins, it is up to Ehren. Sorry. He made his skins too different than the default base theme and needs to make his skins more compatible with the base theme.
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