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  1. Hey, I want to use this plugin for my forum. But I have some feature requests that I would love if you could add, I can pay you for it.
    1. A way to set the default maximum amount of members a club can have.
    2. A way for admins to set the maximum members specific clubs can have.

    So a default club can have for example 100 members maximum, but an admin can go in and set certain clubs to have 200.

    Would you be interested in doing it either officially for your plugin, or as a separate commissioned add-on?

  2. Ueda

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    I have been trying to get IPB to work on my web server for a while, but it always has problems. Working on an update soon.
  3. Does anyone know which SQL table is used to determine if a user is validated or not?
  4. Ueda

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    We usually wait for IPB to mature before porting plugins to new version. I will see what I can do.
  5. Ueda

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    I will take a look into it when I can. @PirateCaptain
  6. Ueda

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    The upload limit is something IPS has built-in. Resizing avatars, should not be a problem with the plugin. Why are you resizing them manually? You can resize them automatically in your board config.
  7. Ueda

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    I will try to get it done this month, haven't been able to test locally on my own computer. Will set up a local test of IPB.
  8. Ueda

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    The code is identical in both plugins, it should work for both the same way. But yeah I think the bug he is having is the display of the song?
  9. Ueda

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    @EmpireKickass thanks, I will post this in the resource.
  10. Ueda

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    You should of asked me to help instead of leaving a bad review. The theme should work with Villain theme, ask Ehren for support. He told me he fixed the themes, it is not my fault that it doesn't work. It would be like saying my car doesn't work, because I have no gas in it. I make the gas, the theme is the car. Ehren's fault it doesn't work with his custom theme or your fault for not using the latest version which has support and compatibility with the plugin. @Toubacos
  11. Ueda

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    I can take a look, send me a PM with a way to trobuleshoot the plugin on your site.
  12. Please add where blocking a user also hides anything in the forum, such as their avatar in the last reply of a forum topic (make it show the previous reply.) Also, make the sidebar widgets hide their stuff as well, and remove them from the Activity feed. I do not want to see people I block there either.
  13. Facebook groups are cut and dry, they don't offer a lot of fancy features your website can offer. Your best bet is to make your own Facebook group and integrate the services your website offer into that said group. Don't try to fight the current, use the current to spread your community further.
  14. Ueda


    The forms does not work with upload function, pretty serious bug. It seems to only work with images, zip/rar/documents do not work. I would like to have a CHKEditor option as well.
  15. Ueda

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    Overwrite the styling yourself in the theme. This is not from my hook.
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