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  1. You can link to the object itself simply by pasting the URL. For example, the above image was taken from the IPS homepage (https://sitecontent.invisioncommunity.com/client-logos/evernote.png). However it would not be an "attachment", meaning you find it in the "Other Media" section. If you have the Gallery product, you could add each of the images to a gallery and link to those potentially as well.
  2. There are times where things where capitalization or punctuation, or having a plural version could be in play. For example: "an IP address" "the IP addresses" The challenge is that the BASE language is English... meaning there are multiple strings to handle situations like the above. Different languages may not need all 20 of the variations, but because English is the base, you could end up with the same entry multiple times. English is the most backwards language in the world and breaks almost all of its own rules.
  3. When entering your key, did you add -TESTINSTALL at the end of the license number? See the following for details:
  4. IPS writes software. They don’t provide support for the underlying services that it runs on. If someone is not comfortable doing those sorts of things themselves, it is better to consider a hosted version of the software. Just because something technically works without going out of their way does not mean they have resources to support it when people need support around it Regarding nginx itself… the staff don’t use that as a development platform. That means they don’t know it to the same degree they do their primary environment. If they figure out how to do it, people will expect them to support other things related to it as well. They would also be expected to support it if someone can’t get it to work or it needs to be changed in a future version. It’s never “one and done”. Instead they are sticking with what they know. If someone wants to do something else and it works… great. But if you run into problems with it, you’re on your own getting your custom setup working.
  5. It’s funny how much people will complain until you offer them a solution. Then they just go silent. 😆
  6. There are a number of things you could do... Require the use of 2FA for any account that can access the admin area. Rename the admin directory to something more obscure. (/ugaboogatest) Use a separate .htaccess password for the admin folder. Limit access to the admin folder to only known/trusted IP addresses. Use a Zero Trust solution to limit access to the admin folder (such as Cloudflare Teams)
  7. I did not see a setting to disable forums themselves, but I did find where to disable topics, which might disable forums if no topics are allowed. ACP > System > Site Promotion > Search Engine Optimization > Sitemap UNCHECK "Use Recommended Settings". Scroll down to "Topics". UNCHECK "Include In Sitemap" Scroll to the bottom of the page and click "Save". Scroll to the top of the page and click "Rebuild Site Map". It should create a task to rebuild the site map. Once the task is complete, you should see the new results. Hopefully in addition to disabling indexing topics it would also disable the forums themselves as well with it.
  8. An AV software program is not going to protect against malicious scripts. Those don’t necessarily hurt the server itself. Instead look at a cloud based Web Application Firewall (WAF). Those are designed to look for layer 7 attacks such as SQL injection, XSS, LFI etc. There are several out there. One of the more popular ones is Cloudflare but they are not the only game in town. https://geekflare.com/cloud-waf-to-stop-website-attacks/
  9. When creating the CNAME, you want: Name: friendshipforums CNAME: o316083.invisionservice.com. I believe with cPanel you will need to add the the extra period at the end of the domain name (meaning "o316083.invisionservice.com." not "o316083.invisionservice.com").
  10. @Marc Stridgen would he need to rebuild system cache as well after this? I seem to recall needing to do that on my own board after changing the file system details. (But when I was doing it, I was moving from local file storage to an S3 bucket so not sure if it was just more related from that.)
  11. Sure. You will need to run the upgrade system to catch your board up to the current changes. Be aware that certain things like your uploads folder and certain other files like custom emoticons, themes, etc would need to be manually replaced as those would be on the local file system most likely. It might be helpful to also preserve your conf_global.php file which has certain important details for connecting to your database etc.
  12. Once you clear the system cache, try clearing your browser cache as well. You might have something still caught in it. Do you mind sharing your board URL? We might be able to see what's going on by looking at the site.
  13. In the upper right hand side of the ACP (next to your name) is a link that says "Support". It should be a link to https://www.yourdomain.com/admin/?app=core&module=support&controller=support&_new=1 Click that. Once there... on the right hand side of the page... there is a section for "Tools & Diagnostics". One of the options in that area will be link that will let you clear the system cache. Once you do it, reload the Admin CP (close the browser and re-login again).
  14. Have you cleared your system cache? From your ACP, go to Support and then click on "Clear system caches".
  15. Yes. Sorry, I was testing the actual sub-generated URLs... https://www.mydomain.com/forum/id-?? https://www.mydomain.com/index.php?app=forums&module=forums&controller=forums&id=123 In the above, change the forum reference on the left to board. At that point, as I navigate the site, I can browse like normal for /board/id-forum-name. In order to handle /board itself, .htaccess could be leveraged to create the redirect. Sorry... did not think that fully through.
  16. Correct. That's why I suggested the root be left in the root of the site. According to the OP, the forums themselves are what are in the special path, which can be modified via the FURL edit. 🙂 The others would match what he has today and not need to be changed.
  17. Instead of having all of the files under /board/ you would move everything to /. Once there, that will have all the pages, databases, etc all show up correctly. By default, forums would change to /forums/ path instead of /board/. It's easy to edit that however. If you want it to be /board/, from the AdminCP, just search for "Customize Friendly URLs". Search for any mentions of forums/ and change it to board/. (There are 2-3, so it's a simple quick edit.)
  18. From what was said earlier, the menu and footer are not planned for the main IPB release. It's them tweeking the default theme for their own site needs.
  19. In that case, it might require a support ticket for one of the IPB team to take a look at your instance and get you straightened out.
  20. In your conf_global.php do you have the correct path specified? If you right click on broken image, and copy the image location… what does it show for the image path? Is it the old URL or the new one?
  21. Technically you can use any other Russian CDN in front of Wasabi and do the same thing. It would be on that CDN provider if they're providing a SSL cert or allowing you to use Lets Encrypt, etc. CF was suggested and defaulted here because it's free for both the CDN as well as the certificate. You could use any other provider you like however we obviously cannot comment on costs, availability, etc.
  22. You don't need to use Wasabi's SSL. You don't need a custom certificate. You should be using CLOUDFLARE to secure traffic. it has it's own wildcard certificate that is used that will cover anything.yourdomain.com. The request flow should be USER -> cdn.yourdomain.com (CLOUDFLARE) -> cdn.yourdomain.com.wasabisys.com (WASABI) -> USER Create cdn.yourdomain.com within CF's DNS interface. It should be a CNAME pointing to cdn.youdomdomain.com.s3.wasabisys.com (or whatever CNAME you have from Wasabi). You need to make sure the Proxied status is set to Proxy meaning the cloud is orange not grey. You also need to make sure your CF SSL certificate is not set to Strict mode. Go to the SSL/TLS section. You'll see options for "Off", "Flexible", "Full", and "Full (Strict)". Make sure "Full" is selected and not Strict.
  23. If you have an older version installed, IPS is not going to FORCE you to upgrade. They may not be able to provide support if you’re not running the latest version, but as long as things are just working they don’t require it. With that said, they don’t provide old random versions to download and install. So you would not be able to download 4.2.x or 4.4.x and install it simply because you want to run an older version. (You would not want to anyway due to several security fixes that are included in subsequent releases.)
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