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  1. This is a feature that we had it in the past and IPB team should consider it available for any 4.4.x distribution. Yes it can cost them few hours of codding to make it work again. My two cents
    I've try the plugin but when enabled for my group i got on 4.4.1 same error as @pauldaytona describe here also. I had to turn it off for the moment and I wait for an update
    Easy to install and configure and it does the job.
  2. is it possible to count all posts in X areas so we can allow our members just to have 3 sales topics on the board . The sales areas are 5 of them so at this moment we can add 3 / area with this mod but the total for every member will be 3x5= 15 . If your mod can allow us to choose more areas for same criteria the it will be perfect .
  3. YES. It was disabled after update. Now is working . Thank you! (since I was seeing it in Other app I didn't think that can be disabled from System ->> hook )
  4. thank you! Is working again :smile:
  5. I just updated my forum to 3.4.2 and (DP32) Adverts in Topic v2.1.0 is not showing anymore .. In amdmin CP all is ok , i added a new notice and still not working 1) i need update to 2.1.3 2) i hope 2.1.3 is compatible with IPB3.4.2
  6. we just updated our forum to 3.4.2 and Notices System 2.1.1 is not showing anymore .. In amdmin CP all is ok , i added a new notice and still not working
  7. The warning area has been progressively getting better, but it could be better by adding two more features : delete and edit (and the corresponding ACP-settings to determine if mods can delete/edit their warnings, or if global mods can, or if only admins can). Sometimes warnings can be given by mistake, or have something to add, or was accidentally assigned one warning point and 10 was meant.
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